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Arab Spring Videos - 4 by Popular

Syria's Assad Learns Lessons from Arab Spring, Recent History

With Russia and China blocking a UN resolution condemning the crackdown on protests in Syria, the prospects for a quick end to the conflict ... tags: Arab SpringAssadgovernment crackdownMiddle EastMideastnewsRidgwell

The Arab Partnership: UK foreign policy making a difference in the Middle East and North Africa

Irfan Siddiq, Head of the Arab Partnership Department in London talks about the UK's Arab Partnership initiative - a 110 million four-year ... tags: Arab PartnershipArab SpringFCOForeign OfficeMiddle East

Arab Spring Update: Freedom House's Arch Puddington on How 2012 Will Be Like 1989.

'As significant as 1989 when the Berlin wall came down, overwhelmingly the story of 2012 is centered in the Middle East,' says Freedom ... tags: arab springarch puddingtonberlin wallbrutalityciademocracydictatorship

Covert to Overt: 'Revolt how-to' earns big for US freedom factory

Democracy has become a profitable export for one international group. It started off as a student movement in Serbia, but with the backing ... tags: Arab LeagueArab SpringBahrainBashar AssadBosniaEgyptIAEA Iran report

US Closes Syrian Embassy; Genocide in Syria Intensifies (Feb 6, 2012 - NBC)

Aired February 6, 2012. NBC Nightly News. Ayman Mohyeldin reporting. China and Russia today vetoed a United Nations Security Council ... tags: alarabarab springassadattacksbashardamascus

Peaceful Protests in a Violent World

Mahatma Gandhi's grandson Arun on the need for modern peaceful protests to be for something, not just 'against' something. 2011 tags: Arab SpringCNN videoJohn BersiaMid EastMK Institutenon violenceNorth Africa

Mosaic News - 01/17/12: Kuwait to Deport Stateless Protestors

Kuwait to deport 'stateless' protestors who demanded citizenship, Yemeni regime accused of handing over Rada'a to extremist groups, Syria ... tags: Ali Abdullah SalehArab SpringArab WorldAssadBahrainBarack ObamaBashar al-Assad

Mosaic News - 01/18/12: Deadly Tribal Violence in South Sudan

Dozens killed in South Sudan tribal violence, Israel launches deadly air strike on Gaza, Bahraini troops attack anti-regime protest in ... tags: AfghanistanAli Abdullah SalehArab SpringArab WorldAssadBahrainBarack Obama

Mosaic News - 01/19/12: Violence Persists as Arab Observers Prepare to Leave Syria

Iran downplays Hormuz threat amid fears of military confrontation, battle looms in Yemeni town captured by al-Qaeda, violence continues in ... tags: Afghanistanal-QaedaAli Abdullah SalehArab SpringArab WorldAssadBahrain

Mosaic News - 01/20/12: Five Moroccan Protestors Set Themselves on Fire

Five unemployed protestors set themselves alight in Morocco, 19 killed as Syrians demonstrate for the 'Detainees of the Revolution,' France ... tags: AfghanistanAfrican Unional-QaedaAli Abdullah SalehArab SpringArab WorldAssad