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Chrome Beta Hits Android Ice Cream Sandwich

Co-Founder of Foodspotting Alexa Andrzejewski, Chrome Beta is now available for Android, the League of Evil 2 trailer, and more. tags: Androidandroid_chrome_browserAngryappjudgementapp_reviewBetaBirdsChrome

Tweetbot Comes to iPad

Tweets come to life in Tweetland for iOS, Tweetbot is now available for iPad, a look at 1weather for Android and more tags: 1weatherandroidappjudgementapp_reviewchris_jenningsComesiOS

How to Make and Receive Free Calls With Google Phones

Smartphones like the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy Nexus are awesome, but can cost an arm and a leg for data and call plans. What if there were ... tags: appjudgementapp_reviewCallsforFreefree_callsfree_smartphone_calls

A Quick Glimpse at Playstation Vita Launch Apps

A few of us went to the Destructoid live show at the SF Playstation Vita Social Club this past week, so we thought we would get you all ... tags: appjudgementAppsapp_reviewchatclubdestructoidAGlimpse

Steam Goes Mobile

Steam for mobile devices is here and open to everyone Prepare to spend way more money on spur of the moment video game purchases. tags: Anthony_CarboniappjudgementappSteamapp_reviewcharity_appsGoesJackie_Talbott

Get Casual Turn-Based Warfare on Your Android with GLWG: All Out War

Great Little War Game All Out War The best little sequel to the best Android turn-based war game out there. tags: allall_out_warAndroidAndroid_Gameappjudgementapp_reviewbased

The Top Kindle Fire Apps For Kids, Tested by Kids

See how kids adapt to the Kindle Fire's UI and what apps hold their oh-so-short attention spans. We've got the top four picks tags: amazonappjudgementAppsapp_reviewFirefireTheFor

Macworld | IWorld 2012 and Another Siri Alternative Enters the Arena

We wrap up our week by FINALLY visiting Macworld/iWorld 2012 here in San Francisco's Moscone Center. We'll have all the interviews up on ... tags: AlternativeAnotherappjudgementapp_reviewArenaEntersIWorld_2012

Apple's New iBooks 2 and iBooks Author With Youtube Star Lamarr Wilson

Apple has announced iBooks 2 and iBooks author, new tools they expect to be a disruption in the educational schoolbook system. tags: androidandroid_reviewappjudgementappjudgmentApple'sApple_iBooksApple_iBooks_2

How to Get Free Apps on Your Phone, and Collaborative Shopping Lists

Grocery shopping list app No problem. We talk collaborative shopping with Ourgroceries and Grocery IQ. Plus, My Free Apps lets you download ... tags: android_reviewappappjudgementappjudgmentAppsapp_reviewCollaborative_Shopping_Lists

Crash a Wedding Like a High Tech Boss

We've got the lowdown on the best app search engines out there. Chomp has done the job for a while, but our favorite is currently ... tags: Annie_Gausappappjudgementapp_reviewBosscallblocker_protection_appcall_blocker_app