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David Icke - The Encoder takes the Grand Masters chair

David Icke admits on video that a photo is of him sitting in a Masonic Temple's Grand Master Mason Throne. There are a few more surprises ... tags: 199alexaliensangelsapollyonarmageddonbbc

The Devils Doorway - 10 Downing Street

The Devil's Doorway - 10 Downing Street in London England - Home of the British Prime Minister. In my opinion the doorway at number 10 ... tags: 10 aliens bible chris christ constantine covert

Oslo Bombing - Christian or Pagan Terrorist ?

It is being claimed that the madman who bombed Oslo and shot several people is a Christian - I say he is a Pagan and present evidence to ... tags: allegations apollyon beast bombing chris christ christian

The Beast

All the secrets of the Freemasons Pagans revolve around the SUN but their 'sun' is Alexander the Great. The Masonic one eye cryptography ... tags: 11 13 666 alexander all apollyon beast

Prophecy: The Glory of Men Must Die

2/22/11 From The Lord, Our God and Savior - A Letter Given to Timothy, For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear\n\n\nThus says The Lord Did you ... tags: angelAngerantichristapollyonBeautifulBiblecalamity

The Last Trumpet Before The Time

Up this is the tribulation...rapture is soon, but if YahuShua Jesus does not TRULY KNOW you then you will be left behind tags: angelAngerantichristapollyonBeautifulBiblecalamity

I Never Knew You

and come out of The Churches of Men...follow The Lord YahuShua Jesus into salvation and is the time...repent tags: angelAngerantichristapollyonBeautifulBibleBible_Churches

Triptykon - A Thousand Lies

Triptykon Thousand Lies Abyss Within My Soul Avant-Garde Metal Dark Ambient Tom Gabriel Fischer Warrior Hellhammer Celtic Frost Apollyon ... tags: AbyssAmbientApollyonAvant-GardeCelticDaimonesDark