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David Frum: Be Afraid Of Big Marijuana

David Frum, a CNN contributor, says 'medical marijuana' is a laughable fiction. Frum say that where marijuana is allowed to be sold, ...

Feds Won't Mess With Colo., Wash.

The Justice Department said it won't challenge state laws that legalize marijuana and will focus federal enforcement on serious trafficking ...

Top 3 Cancer Fighting Foods

Gaiam TV Wellness Center Rouse, N.D., shows you the three foods the American Institute for Cancer Research says may pack the most punch ... tags: antioxidantscancerdietfoodGaiamhealthjames

A Guide For Food To Clear Skin

The video tells the viewer all things to do to have a clear skin. The instruction given in the video are very clear and easy to follow, ... tags: antioxidantsclearfoodskin

A Guide To Food For Glowing Skin

If you want healthy, glowing skin, nutrition is important. Certain food groups are essential for health skin and hair. Follow this simple ... tags: antioxidantsbeta-caroteneglowingomegaskinVitamin

Xocai Healthy Chocolate with Theresa Nelson

Xocai Healthy Chocolate is Raw dark Chocolate. Raw chocolate is the number 1 food source of antioxidants known today. Acai berry is the ... tags: AcaiantioxidantsberryChocolatedarkHealthyRaw

Xocai Healthy Chocolate with Carol J Morrell

Video produced by and Ryan Hoyme, Director of Social Media for Healthy Chocolate is produced with pure unprocessed cacao that is blanched, ... tags: AntioxidantsCacaoCarolChocolateFlavonoidsHealthyMorrell

How To Get Beautiful Skin

In this episode of Celebeauty professional makeup artist Hollie Wakeham shows you some great natural products you can use to give yourself ... tags: aloeandantioxidantsbeautycelebscollagendrink

How to fight heart disease with dark chocolate and red wine

Sweet news--Dark chocolate and red wine can be good for your heart But, alas, only in moderation. Dr. Suzanne Steinbaum, cardiologist at ... tags: andantioxidantschocolatedarkhealthheart

Debunking Health Myths

In this video, learns more about how our diet might affect our risk of cancer, the role of antioxidants in our health, and whether organic ... tags: antioxidantscancerdietfoodfreehealthorganic

Keri Glassman - The O2 Diet

This month, many people resolved that this year would be the year they stuck to their New Year's resolutions. Inevitably, a few weeks into ... tags: antioxidantsDietGlassmanhealthyKerilifestyleThe

Protecting Your Dog Cells

02/14/12 Antioxidants are substances that prevent or stop the oxidation process. Just like in humans, the oxidation ... tags: antioxidantsCell AdvanceDog Arthritis MedicationDog Joint HealthDog Joint Supplements