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Antidepressants Videos - 4 by Popular

Exercise & Digestion -- Keys to Fight Depression and Diabetes

An Access to Health Experts interview with special guest Dr. Hyla Cass, author of 8 Weeks to Vibrant Health. Dr. Cass discusses how ... tags: Alternative_HealthantidepressantsboweldiabetesdigestionexerciseFitness_Nutrition

Study: Antidepressant Use Skyrockets 400%

A new study shows antidepressant use soared 400 in the last ten years. But some argue the drugs are over-diagnosed. tags: americans_antidepressantantidepressantsantidepressants_skyrocketsantidepressants_useantidepressant_increasedepressiondepression_medication

How To Cure Depression Naturally Treatments

To Cure Depression Naturally Treatments. My 'End Your Depression' treatment plan works regardless of your symptoms and whatever your ... tags: antidepressantsbehavioralcognitiveDepressioneliminatingEndDepressionHow

Unhinged Psychiatry - Freedomain Radio Interviews Dr. Daniel Carlat

Stefan Molyneux, host of Freedomain Radio, interviews Dr. Daniel Carlat about his new book 'Unhinged The Trouble with Psychiatry - A ... tags: antidepressants antipsychotics educational mental health mental illness philosophy psychology

Two Studies Emphasize Environment in Autism Cases

Experts previously believed genetics were almost entirely to blame for ASD - but new studies suggest, environment is also a major factor. tags: antidepressantsautismcalifornia_autism_twins_studyconditionenvironmental_factorsgeneticsHealth

Diluting Dry Mouth

Ever have that feeling like you've got a mouth full of cotton Or sand That's what dry mouth -- or xerostomia - can feel like. Watch this to ... tags: antidepressantsantihistaminescausecotton_mouthcuresdecongestantsdental

Can't Ejaculate During Sex?

Nothing's worse than that moment you realize you can't ejaculate. Well, except for the following when your partner realizes too. It can be ... tags: AdviceAntidepressantsCausescollisionCumDistractionsDrugs

The Best OCD Treatment: Therapy, Medication or Both?

For mental health professionals to treat obsessive compulsive disorder OCD, cognitive behavioral therapy is required. Antidepressants, like ... tags: Anafranilantidepressantsanxiety_disorderbehavioral_therapycausingcognitive_behavioral_therapycognitive_behavior_therapy

Treating Depression in Children and Teens

Depression therapy for children and teenagers involves a combination of psychotherapy called cognitive behavioral therapy, and ... tags: adolescentantidepressantsantidepressant_medicationCBTchildhood_depression:mentalchild_psychiatrycognitive_behavior_therapy