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Animal Cruelty Videos by Popular

Major Dog Fighting Ring Bust

Rankin County sheriff's investigators believe they busted a major dog fighting ring.. tags: Animal_CrueltyDog_Fighting_OperationsDog_Fighting_RingKyre_CooperRankin_County_Police_BustSedrick_Lyles

Man arrested, charged in connection with failing to properly discard dead horses

Mason County deputies said George Samuel Jones, 67, was arrested and charged with 16 counts of failure to properly dispose of a carcass ... tags: animal_carcassesanimal_crueltycarcass_disposaldead_horsesGeorge_Samuel_JonesMason_County_arrest

PETA Attacks Assassin's Creed 4 Black Flag

Originally published on March 7th, 2013. Gotta love the stupidity that this organization continues to show. Instead of actually doing ... tags: AnimalsAnimal_CrueltyAssassins_CreedAssassins_Creed_IIAssassins_Creed_IIIAssassins_Creed_IVAssassins_Creed_IV:_Black_Flag

PETA Attacks Pokémon for ANIMAL CRUELTY!!!

Originally published on October 8th, 2013. Everyone's favorite animal rights extremist group is back and more attention seeking than ever. ... tags: Animal_CrueltyFunnyNewsNews_StoryPeople_for_the_Ethical_Treatment_of_AnimalsPETAPETA_Sucks

Family's dogs shot, killed by neighbor

A Florida family's two dogs escaped through the fence and were shot and killed by a neighbor. tags: Animal_CrueltyDog_AttackFlorida_Dogs_KilledLoose_Dogs_ShotPolice_InvestigationSelf-Defense

Man arrested, 6 pit bulls rescued in bust

Police said one man has been charged with animal cruelty and six pit bulls were removed from his home after police inadvertently bust a ... tags: animal_crueltyAnimal_Rescue_and_Care_ShelterAntwane_KnightBaltimore_dogfighting_ringmurder_suspectpit_bull_rescue

Additional animals seized from Dodge County home

Acting on a tip, the Nebraska Humane Society's animal control officers and Dodge County deputies seized pigs, horses, coats, ponies, ducks ... tags: animal_crueltyanimal_seizureDodge_County_animal_neglectLori_PetersonNebraska_Humane_SocietyRoland_Peterson

Man tries to swap alligator for beer in Florida shop

A man has tried to swap an alligator for a pack of beers at a shop in Florida. Report by Johnstons. Like us on Facebook at and follow us on ... tags: alligatoralligator_for_beerAmericaanimalsanimal_crueltyanimal_protectionarrest

Animal abusers free to repeat their crimes

Rescuing large animals from abusive environments is challenging and so is prosecution of abusers in New York. tags: Abandoned_PuppiesAnimal_Abuse_LawsAnimal_CrueltyAnimal_Rightsgentle_touch_training_centerMichael_StaleyNorthern_Puppies_Pet_Shop