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Romney Koch Brothers Connections

How is 2012 Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney connected to the right-wing billionaire Koch Brothers Cenk Uygur, Michael Shure ... tags: americans for prosperitygaskoch brotherskoch oilmitt romneymitt romney kochoil speculators

Jen Stefano of Americans for Prosperity on Occupy Panel at CPAC 2012

Jen Stefano, Americans for Prosperity - PA State Director, speaks at the Occupy vs. Tea Party panel at CPAC 2012. For more information, ... tags: afpamericans for prosperityCongressconservativecpacfreedomGovernment

It's Working Wisconsin: "Did it Right"

Newest ad from Americans for Prosperity Foundation and MacIver Institute seeks to educate citizens that Wisconsin's economy is stronger ... tags: americans for prosperitybudget reformmacivernewswalkerWisconsin

Tim Phillips interview with Neil Cavuto

Americans for Prosperity President Tim Phillips discusses AFP's new ad about the Solyndra scandal with Fox Business News Host Neil Cavuto tags: Americans for ProsperityBarack ObamaFoxFox BusniessFox NewsNeil CavutoNews

Happy 101st Birthday President Reagan

Two different visions for America. President Reagan launched his effort to return America to greatness with simple but profound words ... tags: AFPAmericans for ProsperityBarack ObamaobamareaganronaldRonald Reagan

FOX News Debates New AFP Ad: "Happy Birthday Reagan"

To celebrate President Reagan's 101st birthday, Americans for Prosperity launched this ad, which compares and contrasts quotes from the two ... tags: afpamericans for prosperityeconomyFox News Channelpresident obamapresident reaganreagan

Obama Sacrifices Pawns for Politics

Americans for Prosperity exposes the outrageous cronyism and disregard for American taxpayers in the growing Solyndra scandal. tags: AforAFPAmericans for ProsperityAmericans for PrsoperityBarack Obamasolyndra

Tell Ben Nelson to Stop Bankrupting Medicare

Tell Senator Ben Nelson to stop the Obamacare waivers for special interests and bankrupting medicare tags: Afor ben nelson obamacareAforamericans for prosperityben nelsonobamacare