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VIRAL: Video Shows 5 Year Old Signing Entire Christmas Concert For Her Deaf Parents

5-year old Claire Koch signed the entirety of her schools Christmas concert so her two deaf parents could enjoy the show. Her mother posted ... tags: american_sign_languageclair_kockdeafinterpreterlori_kochnatalie_fortenelson_mandela

How To Use British Sign Language To Sign The Alphabet

Watch How To Use British Sign Language To Sign The Alphabet from the pioneers of how to videos. This tutorial will give you useful ... tags: alphabetamerican_sign_languageandauditory_systemdeaf_cultureLeisureletter

How To Use British Sign Language In Introducing Yourself

This educational resource is a invaluable time-saver that will enable you to get good at british sign language. Watch our tutorial on How ... tags: american_sign_languageandauditory_systemintroduceLeisureLifemeet

How To Introduce Yourself Using British Sign Language

This film shows you how to introduce yourself in British Sign Language. Learn how to say your name, age, and where you live in sign ... tags: american_sign_languageandauditory_systemintroduceLeisureLifemeet

How To Sign The Alphabet Using British Sign Language

This film shows you the basics of sign language by showing us how to sign the alphabet. It's as easy as ABC when you learn it the Videojug ... tags: alphabetamerican_sign_languageandauditory_systemdeaf_cultureLeisureletter

American Sign Language on the Brink of Extinction

American Sign Language could be a dying form of communication, thanks to dwindling education funding and technological alternatives.Many ... tags: americansignlanguageanalysisaslbbcbudgetcutsconversationdeaf

Baby Sign Language

Even before you can converse with your baby, you can use infant sign language to communicate You can teach baby sign language with the help ... tags: american_sign_languagebabiesbabybaby_sbaby_signsbaby_sign_languagebaby_sign_language_books

"Rolling in the Deep" Adele (ASL)

This song is a lot like 'Jar of Hearts' but I couldn't resist.. I'm totally diggin this chicks voice- who doesn't love a talented Brit tags: AdeleAmerican_Sign_LanguageASLDeepMusicRolling