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Video: Goldman's Wilson Expects Greek Restructuring After 2011

Jan. 20 Bloomberg -- Andrew Wilson, head of fixed-income at Goldman Sachs Group Inc., talks about government bond strategy and the outlook ... tags: Advisers,Multimedia-MarketAmerica,SovereignBank,EuropeanBanks,CountryBondBonds,GovernmentBonds,U.S.

Video: Goldman's Wilson Favors `Core' EU Bonds Over Treasuries

Jan. 20 Bloomberg -- Andrew Wilson, head of fixed-income at Goldman Sachs Group Inc., talks about his government bond strategy and monetary ... tags: America,SovereignBank,EuropeanBanks,CountryBondBonds,GovernmentBonds,U.S.Business

Video: Lipsky Calls High Unemployment Risk to Advanced Nations

Jan. 10 Bloomberg -- International Monetary Fund First Deputy Managing Director John Lipsky talks with Bloomberg's Sara Eisen about risks ... tags: America,MediaAmerica,SovereignAustralia,Asia,BankBusinesscstickersDebt,Syndicated

Video: RBC's Ballard Says U.S. Credit More `Stable' Than Europe

Jan. 4 Bloomberg -- Simon Ballard, a senior credit strategist at RBC Capital Markets, talks about the outlook for U.S. and European credit ... tags: America,SovereignBank,EuropeanBanks,Corporate,BusinessCentralCountrycstickers

Video: Molano Says Argentine Recovery Shown in Bond Performance: Video

Aug. 4 Bloomberg -- Walter Molano, head of research at BCP Securities, discusses Argentinas economic recovery and the outlook for Greeces ... tags: Advisers,LatinAmerica,MediaAmerica,SovereignBondBonds,CountryBonds,GovernmentBonds,Interviews,Investment

Video: Foster Doesn't Expect `Tidy Result' From EU Stress Tests: Video

July 8 Bloomberg -- Adrian Foster, head of financial-markets research for Asia at Rabobank Groep NV in Hong Kong, talks with Bloomberg's ... tags: America,SovereignAssetsAustralia,Asia,Bank,EuropeanBanks,China,Bonds,GovernmentBusiness

Video: Altman Says Junk Bond Rally `Too Fast, Too Furious': Video

May 4 Bloomberg -- Edward Altman, a professor of finance at New York University's Stern School of Business, talked yesterday with ... tags: America,SovereignAustralia,Asia,Bank,Greece,GreeceBonds,InvestmentCentralCrisis,EconomicCrunch,