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Dick Tracy Meets Flattop 1940s

Tracy is kidnapped from his home by Flattop, a rogue contract killer and blackmailer, who then demands 50k from his employer to finish the ...

Tales of Tomorrow: The Great Silence

Some weird phenomenon has people to losing the power of speech in the boonies, but starts to spread all over the country.

Issues Under Fire: Iran, Syria, Israel Anticipated to Dominate U.N Assembly

Once again, the Middle East will dominate global discussions at this year's U.N. General Assembly. The international community will be ...

Issues Under Fire: Vladimir Putin, Bashar al-Assad and The Devil's Advocate

Syria and Russia say chemical weapons will be removed, but Bashar al-Assad will remain for the time being. Barack Obama breathes sigh of ...

Issues Under Fire: Israelis Target Damascus

With the United States sidelined, some say paralyzed with economic woes and a war weary populace, they couldn't come out to play when the ...

Clutch ep 106 - Whip It

The heist is underway as Marcel arrives at the dungeon for his session. Unbeknownst to him, there is a whole lot more to this than a ...

Issues Under Fire: Club Med for Maniacs

We think it time to start publicly offering deals of immunity to the World's tyrants. We say give every despot an opportunity to bail ... tags: alternative_mediacrimes_against_humanitydespotsdictatorshumorlee_binesNews_Politics

RetroVision Theater Presents Climax: The Fifth Wheel

Two lame bank robbers stash their hot cash in the spare tire of a stolen car that is seized by the finance company the owner owed money to ... tags: alternative_mediaand_Arthur_TreacherBonita_Granvilleclassic_televisionClimaxHume_CronynJames_Gleason

RetroVision Theater Presents Climax: Night of Execution

A woman jacks her abusive husband to save her son. Even though she makes it looks like an accident, she still has face the law dawgs. tags: alternative_mediablack_and_whiteclassic_televisionClimaxcrime_dramamurderNews_Politics

Nasa Confirmation 2012 Pole shift

responsible people think4themselves01 infopowerment Truthers AllianceCreating New kind of Unity against ... tags: 2012AgendaAlternativealternativemediaAwarenesscelebs4truthConfirmation

Kansas City Confidential 1952

This one is hot, classic and cool. John Payne stars in the noir crime drama, where an ex-con trying to go straight get fingered for a ... tags: alternative_mediablack_and_whiteclassic_moviescoleen_graycrime_dramafilm_noirjohn_payne

Suddenly 1954, Starring Franks Sinatra and Sterling Hayden

In this tense drama, Frank Sinatra stars as the crazed assassin hell bent on killing the President of the United States. Sterling Hayden, ... tags: alternative_mediaassassinsblack_and_whiteclassic_moviescrime_dramacrime_syndicatefilm_noir