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World War II: How Did It End?

Almost six years to the day after it began, the bloodiest war in history drew to a close. In Part 8 of our series on WWII, looks at the ... tags: Adolf_HitlerAllied_Powersatomic_bombAxis_PowersBattle_of_BerlinBattle_of_BritainBenito_Mussolini

World War II: The Aftermath

This war left many countries devastated and influenced generations of life. In Part 9 of our series on WWII, takes a look at the aftermath ... tags: Adolf_HitlerAllied_PowersAsiaatomic_bombAxis_PowersCold_WarEurope

World War II: Important Battles

This war was a series of the bloodiest battles in history. In Part 5 of our series on WWII, learns about some of the most important battles ... tags: Adolf_HitlerAllied_PowersAxis_PowersbattleBerlinBulgeD-Day

World War II: Which Countries Fought?

This battle was essentially a fight between the Axis Powers and the Allied forces. In Part 3 of our series on WWII, finds out who was ... tags: Adolf_HitlerAllied_PowersAxis_PowersBenito_MussoliniBritainEuropeFrance

World War I - How Did It End?

Several key events are considered crucial in the effort to bring to a close this bloody military conflict. In Part 3 of our series on WWI, ... tags: Allied_PowersAustria-HungaryCentral_PowersEuropeGermanyGreat_Britainhistory_wars

World War I - Treaty of Versailles

Signed in June of 1919, the Treaty of Versailles ended the state of war between Germany and the Allied Powers. In Part 4 of our series on ... tags: Allied_PowersAustriaCentral_PowersEuropeFranceGermanyGreat_Britain

What is Veterans Day

World War I finally ended after four years of battle on November 11th, 1918, with the signing of an armistice. learns more about Veterans ... tags: Allied_PowersarmisticeArmistice_DaybattleCommonwealthCompigne_Forestconflict

What Is Veterans Day?

11/09/10 learns more about Veterans Day, and how this important occasion is honored throughout the world. tags: Allied_PowersarmisticeArmistice_DaybattleCommonwealthCompiègne_Forestconflict