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Maybe He's Just an A**hole

Airplane 2 The Sequel 1982 - Maybe He's Just an Ahole - Jimmy Wilson Oliver Robins thinks coffee is the reason for his father John ... tags: Al_WhiteArt_FlemingBud_KrugerCaptain_Clarence_OveurChad_EverettChuck_ConnorsCmdr._Buck_Murdoch

Will You Please Control Yourself?

Airplane 2 The Sequel 1982 - Will You Please Control Yourself - Mrs. Hammen Lee Bryant testifies on the witness stand for Ted Striker ... tags: Al_WhiteArt_FlemingBud_KrugerCaptain_Clarence_OveurChad_EverettChuck_ConnorsCmdr._Buck_Murdoch

Don't Panic

Airplane 2 The Sequel 1982 - Don't Panic - Elaine Dickinson Julie Hagerty defines 8220a tad8221 to the passengers. tags: Al_WhiteArt_FlemingBud_KrugerCaptain_Clarence_OveurChad_EverettChuck_ConnorsCmdr._Buck_Murdoch

A Bobby Pin

Airplane 2 The Sequel 1982 - A Bobby Pin - Elaine Dickinson Julie Hagerty helps Ted Striker Robert Hays find a piece of metal to shove into ... tags: Al_WhiteArt_FlemingBud_KrugerCaptain_Clarence_OveurChad_EverettChuck_ConnorsCmdr._Buck_Murdoch

Under Oveur, Oveur Dunn

Airplane 2 The Sequel 1982 - Under Oveur, Oveur Dunn - Captain Oveur Peter Graves, Navigator Unger Kent McCord, and First Officer Dunn ... tags: Al_WhiteArt_FlemingBud_KrugerCaptain_Clarence_OveurChad_EverettChuck_ConnorsCmdr._Buck_Murdoch

She's Beginning to Crack Up

Airplane 2 The Sequel 1982 - She's Beginning to Crack Up - Commander Buck Murdock William Shatner assists Ted Striker Robert Hays and ... tags: Al_WhiteArt_FlemingBud_KrugerCaptain_Clarence_OveurChad_EverettChuck_ConnorsCmdr._Buck_Murdoch

Not A Buh, A Bomb

Airplane 2 The Sequel 1982 - Not A Buh, A Bomb - Ted Striker Robert Hays tries to negotiate with Joe Seluchi Sonny Bono. tags: Al_WhiteArt_FlemingBud_KrugerCaptain_Clarence_OveurChad_EverettChuck_ConnorsCmdr._Buck_Murdoch

Airplane 2: The Sequel - Trailer #1

Airplane 2 The Sequel 1982 - Trailer 1 - Ted Striker Robert Hays is tasked with diverting a space shuttle on a collision course with the ... tags: Al_WhiteArt_FlemingBud_KrugerCaptain_Clarence_OveurChad_EverettChuck_ConnorsCmdr._Buck_Murdoch

We've Run Out of Coffee

Airplane 2 The Sequel 1982 - We've Run Out of Coffee - Ted Striker Robert Hays starts to question his sanity after witnessing First Officer ... tags: Al_WhiteArt_FlemingBud_KrugerCaptain_Clarence_OveurChad_EverettChuck_ConnorsCmdr._Buck_Murdoch

Girl Scout Tussle

Airplane 1980 - Girl Scout Tussle - Striker Robert Hays recalls a violent bar he once visited. tags: Al_WhiteBarbara_BillingsleyCaptain_Clarence_OveurCaptain_Rex_CramerDavid_LeisureDavid_ZuckerDr._Rumack

I Speak Jive

Airplane 1980 - I Speak Jive - When a flight attendant struggles to understand her jive-talking passengers, a friendly old lady Barbara ... tags: Al_WhiteBarbara_BillingsleyCaptain_Clarence_OveurCaptain_Rex_CramerDavid_LeisureDavid_ZuckerDr._Rumack

Red Zone vs. White Zone

Airplane 1980 - Red Zone vs. White Zone - Two dueling loudspeaker announcers get territorial. tags: Al_WhiteBarbara_BillingsleyCaptain_Clarence_OveurCaptain_Rex_CramerDavid_LeisureDavid_ZuckerDr._Rumack