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Bomb kills dozens in southern Iraq - 10 Jun 09

Dozens of people were killed when a car bomb exploded at a busy market in the Iraqi town of al-Bathaa.As people cleared the debris, they ... tags: al-bathaaal-salehaljazeerabombcariraqjazeera

Iraq's unpaid Awakening Councils - 08 Aug 09

Awakening Councils have been credited with bringing relative security to towns and cities in Iraq.Local Sunni fighters opted to stop ... tags: al-salehaljazeeraawakeningcouncilsiraqomarsamarra

Kurdish group vows long fight with Iran - 02 Oct 09

The Kurdish group, the Party for a Free Life of Kurdistan PJAK has been fighting against the Iranian government for years.Based in Iraq, ... tags: al-salehaljazeerairankurdomarpjak

Iraq accuses Iran of water theft - 23 Oct 09

Iran is being accused by Iraq of stealing its water.Baghdad says that Tehran is diverting rivers that connect to the Shat-el-Arab waterway, ... tags: aljazeeraalsalehiraniraqomartheftwater

Black Iraqis claim discrimination - 11 Jan 10

Black Iraqis in the southern province of Basra are complaining of discrimination, saying they are not fairly represented in the ... tags: africanal-salehaljazeerabasrablackiraqiraqis

Deadly earthquake strikes Chile

A massive magnitude 8.8 earthquake struck Chile early on Saturday, producing powerful aftershocks and triggering a tsunami. The epicentre ... tags: al-SalehamericasnewschileearthquakeenglishjazeeraOmar

Syrian activists reject Arab League deal

The Syrian government's continued crackdown on protesters has been on the agenda at the Arab League summit in Cairo. But as Al Jazeera's ... tags: aljazeera alsaleh arab league Omar syriaaljazeera

'Progress' made in Doha peace talks on Darfur - 15 Feb 09

Khartoum and the Darfur rebel group Justice and Equality Movement JEM are close to reaching a peace deal at the Qatar-hosted ... tags: africaal-SalehaljazeeradarfurenglishIbrahimjazeera

US top command in Iraq changes - 16 Sept 08

US defense secretary Robert Gates has arrived in Baghdad to transfer command from General David Petraeus to Lieutenant-General Ray Odierno. ... tags: Al-Salehbaghdaddaviddefenseenglishgatesiraq