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Ferfrans PDW

Charles 'Voodoo' Ferrera of Falcon Operations Group firing a Ferfrans PDW with a Geissele Super 3 Gun S3G trigger for the first time. ... tags: 15aimpointarar-15ar15Assaultdbal

Daniel Defense M4 | Full Auto

This is a DDM4V5, with a 15' Troy TRX Extreme rail. Setup in Video Troy TRX Extreme Rail LMT Fixed BUIS Surefire M620V-TN SureFire SR07 ... tags: 15165.5655660aimpointAR-15

Ferfrans PDW | Full Auto

11/03/11 This is a Ferfrans PDW with a 7.5' barrel Aimpoint T1 Laser Devices DBAL Surefire M720V RAID Vltor EMOD ... tags: 15 aimpoint ar ar-15 ar15 Assault auto

Ferfrans SOAR-P

Ferfrans upper mated to a Daniel Defense lower. Setup in Video Samson Evolution Rail Troy Folding BUIS Surefire M300A SureFire XT07 ... tags: 14.5 5.56 556 aimpoint AR-15 AR15 bore

Download Youtube Video Call Of Duty Black Ops 15th Prestige Hack (15th Prestige Level, Add Weapons ...

Download Youtube Video Call Of Duty Black Ops 15th Prestige Hack 15th Prestige Level, Add Weapons ... tags: aim-botaim-pointaimbotalliancearmsbadcompanyblack

Combat Arms Wallhack and Aimbot!! Best hacks!!!! Download link

Combat Arms Free Hacks hack free hacks charms chams no fall damage dmg hax aim-bot aim-point cross-hair ownage pwnage Added February ... tags: aim-botaim-pointArmschamscharmsCombatcross-hair