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New Look Barrows Armour Sets - Graphical Rework - Close Up Of Each Set!

Hey guys Managed to pick up every set and get you a close up of the new graphics Hope you enjoyThis is a close look at each of the new ... tags: ahrimakrisaebarrowsbrothersclosedharokGames

RuneScape - Glacor Boss Guide - Combat Tactics Explained w/ Gear Setups

DISCLAIMER - This video was made one day after release, and so new methods and information may have been discovered to improve kills.This ... tags: ahrimahrimsarmadylattackattacksbarragebattlestaff

RS Samrank PVP/BH PK Vid #1 Barrows pure Dharoking/Whip+dding/ Vestas long sword

My first PK vid, had to reupload it, got deleted from my old acc when it got banned. I realise the quality is terrible so I'll try ... tags: 1v1afgagsahrimamazingbandosbarrage

Random PK Clip with 7 items switch clip at duel arena x)

PK switch items ko pk dds bandos ahrim fof hitting bangged welfarers multi chinchompas zezima is ownage rttuga my ep vs pvp flames of fury ... tags: ahrimbandosbanggedbhrchinchompasddsflames

How to do Barrows with Black Salamander! (Combat Level 90+ recommended)

Hey guys, heres another video for your pleasure. I show you guys how I do barrows with a black salamander.I don't belive in filling the ... tags: ahrimBarrowsdharokeasyguthankarilrich

Runescape jiglojay 's bounty worlds / pvp vid 4 mask + santa pking

NOT A PRIVATE SERVER, but if my pking makes u think its a private server than il take that as a compliment. if u dont realise why the ... tags: 1v1agsahrimamazingbandosbarragebest

[RS] King Desiso - Barrows! "Get Out Alive - Three Days Grace"

I was just doing Barrows because I was bored, and got a bad reward this time, like a 9k reward. But shortly after this video was taken, my ... tags: 3dgAhrimArmadylBandosBarrowsbudgetcheap

Runescape Jiglojay 's Bounty Worlds / Pvp vid 3

READ DESCRIPTION - pking in vesta, bandos, torso + firecape, ahrims and basic runre, some of the best dds specs and combos you have seen. ... tags: 1v1agsahrimamazingbandosbarragebest