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Fashion Faux Pas

When actor James Van Der Beek and Chris Franjola are caught wearing the same shirt, Chelsea gets caught in the middle of their drama. See it tags: After_LatelyChelsea_HandlerChris_FranjolaComedyJames_Van_Der_Beek

Mind Games

Jiffy isn't happy when the new PA turns the tables on him and makes him get his own coffee. Hear him sound off to the staff. tags: After_LatelyChelsea_HandlerComedy

Chuy the Star

Since when does Chelsea's little nugget get asked to do celebrity appearances See if Chuy's willing to share the spotlight. tags: AFTER_LATELYCHUYComedy

Naked Chef

Chelsea's brother Roy has quite the plan for drumming up interest in his culinary career. See if she's down for the cause. tags: AFTER_LATELYCHELSEA_HANDLERComedy

After Lately: Chelsea's Fan

Brad takes one of Chelsea's disabled fans out on the town. See if the wheelchair-bound guy can party harder than Chelsea's crew. tags: AFTER_LATELYComedy

After Lately: Pooper Scooper

Chelsea is forced to poop in a box--and there's only one employee she trusts to safely deliver her crap to the doctor. Find out who tags: AFTER_LATELYCHELSEA_HANDLERComedy

"After Lately" Cast

Chelsea's male staff including Brad Wollack, Chris Franjola and Jeff Wild chat about their crazy antics which inspire 'After Lately.' tags: After_LatelyBrad_WollackChelsea_HandlerChris_FranjolaJeff_WildTalk_and_Interview

After Lately Bonus: Doggy Dollars

Would Chelsea really pay 10K for a dog See if Heather and Fortune can convince Jen to take the huge wad of cash from her boss. tags: AFTER_LATELYCHELSEA_HANDLERComedy

After Lately Bonus: Food Truck Patrol

Things can seriously get out of hand in a food truck line. See if the crew's security team can put Brad at ease. tags: AFTER_LATELYCHELSEA_HANDLERComedy