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Inside Story - Saving Somalia: A wasted effort?

African and Western leaders at a major London conference discussed political change, terrorism and piracy in Somalia. But why the world ... tags: adrian finighanAfricaAfrican UnionAl-Shababaljazeerabritainconflict

Senegal Elections

The African Union and ECOWAS are sending a joint team to Senegal in an effort to quell violence ahead of Sunday's presidential election. ... tags: AfricaAfrican UnionAUECOWASElectionsIn FocusMariama Diallo

Senegal Election Observation

A joint election observation mission between the African Union and the Economic Community of West African States is underway in Senegal. ... tags: AfricaAfrican UnionAUECOWASElectionsIn FocusNdimyake Mwakalyelye

Fred Oladeinde and the African Union Summit

'Straight Talk Africa' on Feb. 1, 2012 - 'Straight Talk Africa' guest Fred Oladeinde, President of the Foundation for Democracy in Africa, ... tags: AfricaAfrican UnionFounder for DemocracyFred OladeindeShaka SsaliVOAVoice of America

Mosaic News - 01/20/12: Five Moroccan Protestors Set Themselves on Fire

Five unemployed protestors set themselves alight in Morocco, 19 killed as Syrians demonstrate for the 'Detainees of the Revolution,' France ... tags: AfghanistanAfrican Unional-QaedaAli Abdullah SalehArab SpringArab WorldAssad

Mosaic News - 01/23/12: EU Imposes Oil Embargo on Iran

EU imposes oil embargo against Iran, Morocco's February 20th movement vows to press on despite Islamists' withdrawal, Gaddafi loyalists ... tags: African Unional-QaedaAli Abdullah SalehArab SpringArab WorldAssadBahrain

Prof. Sulayman Nyang, Ph.D on the African Union

'Straight Talk Africa' on December 21, 2011- Howard University Professor Sulayman Nyang, Ph.D. shared his insight with VOA'S 'Straight Talk ... tags: AfricaAfrican UnionLeon H. Sullivan FoundationProf. Sulayman NyangShaka SsaliTVVOA

Mosaic News - 11/16/11: Thousands Storm Kuwaiti Parliament

Yemenis urge the Arab League to suspend their country's membership, Syrian army defectors attack a military base as Assad faces growing ... tags: African Union Ali Abdullah Arab League Assad Bahrain Bashar al-Assad Crackdown

Farrakhan on The African Union & Gadhafi's push for Independence

Full video -Minister Farrakhan discusses Col. Gadhafi's push for Africa's economic independence from Europe and America during ... tags: Africa African Union Barack Obama FCNN Hillary Clinton Louis Farrakhan Muammar Gaddafi

Know4LIFE's Interview with Akbar Muhammad on Media Control, Col. Gadhafi, China & Africa

Africa And The World with Akbar Muhammad - The Historical Research Department Presents Economic State of Black ... tags: Africa African Union know lifeAfricaAfrican Unionknow

Topic # 3. Gaddafi's death?

Suggested By Ibnsheba -What is the meaning of Gaddafi's death tags: African Union Bullet Fox News Greed History Libya Money