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Afor. Rete idrografica regionale, nuovo servizio di monitoraggio

E' stato presentato questa mattina, nella Casa della cultura del palazzo della Provincia, a Catanzaro, il nuovo servizio di monitoraggio e ... tags: aforcalabriadiidrograficamonitoraggioregionaleregione

Regione, Trematerra incontra lavoratori Afor e Sindacati

L'assessore regionale all'Agricoltura Michele Trematerra ha presieduto, oggi a Catanzaro nella sede del dipartimento, un incontro convocato ... tags: aforcalabriamicheleregionesindacatitrematerra

Obama Sacrifices Pawns for Politics

Americans for Prosperity exposes the outrageous cronyism and disregard for American taxpayers in the growing Solyndra scandal. tags: AforAFPAmericans for ProsperityAmericans for PrsoperityBarack Obamasolyndra

Phil Kerpen on Neil Cavuto to discuss the DOE loan program

AFP VP for Policy Phil Kerpen discusses why we need to eliminate the Department of Energy loan program and how a solar power company ... tags: Afordepartment of energyNeil CavutoPhil Kerpensolyndra

Tell Ben Nelson to Stop Bankrupting Medicare

Tell Senator Ben Nelson to stop the Obamacare waivers for special interests and bankrupting medicare tags: Afor ben nelson obamacareAforamericans for prosperityben nelsonobamacare

Americans for Prosperity President Tim Phillips discusses the 2012 elections on MSNBC

AFP President Tim Phillips discusses what issues conservative activists should pay attention in the 2012 elections. tags: 2012 Afor afp americans for prosperity barack obama jon huntsman michele bachmann

Obama's Green Giveaway

President Obama spent 535 million of taxpayer stimulus money to prop up Solyndra, a solar panel company run by his political campaign ... tags: Afor americans for prosperity green energy solyndraAforamericans for prosperitygreen energy

Tim Phillips on Fox Business to Discuss Solyndra Failure

AFP President Tim Phillips was on Fox Business to discuss AFP's effort to expose President Obama for giving away billions of taxpayer ... tags: Afor afp americans for prosperity green energy obama solyndra tim phillips

President Obama's Leadership Failure

Since President Obama took office the national debt is up 35 and unemployment is up 18, yet he opposes real reforms that would get spending ... tags: Afor afp americans for prosperity debt government spending obama president obama