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Vietnam spared affects of fierce typhoon Haiyan

Vietnam's central coast appeared to have been spared the brunt of Typhoon Haiyan's deadly force as the weakened storm made landfall Monday.

The shutdown shuts down wedding at Yosimite

One week into the U.S. federal government shutdown and the affects are putting a damper on romance. Meet Adam and Joy- a couple who'd been ...

How the government shutdown affects you

Cancer research, food safety and Head Start are some of the things that will be hurt by a prolonged government shutdown.

JPMorgan's $3 billion loss: Regulators get asked why

Regulators who oversee America's largest banks testified to a Senate committee about JPMorgan Chase's 3 billion trading loss. CBS News ...

Military curfew affects lives of Egyptians ‎

Cairo had earned in the years before the revolution the rightful title of the ' the city that never sleeps' but with increasing violence ...

Bandh affects life in coastal AP

Bandh affects life in coastal AP tags: affectsBandhcoastallifeTV9

Why Hangovers Make People Stupid

A recent study confirmed that among the undesirable residual effects of a hangover is diminished mental acuity. Partly caused by ... tags: affectshangoverHealthmistakesmoreNewsstudy

Beyonce's Pepsi Ads: Sales Plummet After Endorsement

Beyonc made headlines after PepsiCo Inc. hired the diva to endorse the soda company in a multi-year deal for an estimated 50 million. tags: affectsbauerbeyoncehollyscooppepsisalesstephanie

Does a woman's menstrual cycle affect her immune system?

Hormone fluctuations during a woman's menstrual cycle can affect the body in many ways. Here, Dr. Marianne Legato discusses if they can ... tags: affectscycledr.immunelegatomariannemenstrual

Weather affects German joblessness and inflation

The number of Germans out of work jumped more than forecast in May - adjusted for seasonal factors - but that was due partly to bad ... tags: affectsandeuronewsGermanGermanyinflationjoblessness

A.P NGO - T NGO war affects governance

A.P NGO - T NGO war affects governance tags: affectsgovernanceNGOTv9war