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Thousands in Tahrir Square Slam Egypt Military "Coup"

Thousands packed Cairo's iconic Tahrir Square on Friday to denounce a power grab by the ruling military, as the nation nervously awaited ... tags: AbdelAbulAhmedbrotherhoodCairoEgyptFotouh

Exclusive interview with al-Qaeda third in command - 22 Jun

In a rare and exclusive interview with Al Jazeera, Mustafa Abul-Yazeed, al-Qaeda's third in command, said it would use Pakistan's nuclear ... tags: AbulAlal-QaedaAljazeeraGhosJazeeraMustafa

Egypt Votes for President in Historic Poll

Egyptians voted Wednesday in the country's first free presidential elections, with Islamists and secularists vying for power with competing ... tags: AbdelAbulAhmedCairoEgyptFotouhHosni

Egypt Goes to Polls on Day Two of Landmark Vote

Egyptians swarmed polling stations on Thursday for the day of a gripping presidential election in which candidates are pitting stability ... tags: AbdelAbulAhmedCairoEgyptFotouhHosni

Egyptians Tense as Vote Results Emerge

Egyptians were nervously awaiting the first results of their presidential election on Friday. Partial results showed the country looks set ... tags: AbdelAbulAhmedCairoEgyptFotouhHosni

Egypt Holds First Ever Presidential Candidate Debate

Egypt holds its first ever debate between presidential candidates, as the two frontrunners for this month's election trade political ... tags: AbdelAbulAhmedCairocandidateEgyptFotouh

20 Dead After Attackers Storm Cairo Protest

Thugs attack an anti-military protest near the defense ministry in Cairo and 20 people are killed in the politically tense run-up to the ... tags: AbdelAbulFotouhLutherMarkMoneimOmar

The Stream - Policing Online Dissent & Fighting Dirty Oil with Social Media

In this episode The arrest of Kuwaiti blogger Nasser Abul, the expulsion of Bahrain Polytechnic students, and the indigenous people of ... tags: AbulAl-DeraziClaytonJillianNasserNoorsands

Egyptian Islamist Barred from Presidential Race

Egypt's first post-Arab Spring presidential election is thrown wide open after the electoral commission confirmed that 10 candidates have ... tags: AbdelAbulBelbrotherhoodFotouhInesMoneim

Egypt Brotherhood Flexes Muscle in Election Stunt

Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood organized on Thursday a kilometers-long rally to support its candidate in next week's presidential election, ... tags: AbdelmoneimAbulAhmedbrotherhoodCairoEgyptFotouh

Excitement in the Air as Egypt Prepares to Vote

In the town of Sandanhour in Egypt's Nile Delta, people prepare to vote for the future Egyptian president, in the first free and fair ... tags: AbulAmrarabCairoEgyptelectionFotouh

Egypt's Brotherhood Goes into Election Hamstrung

Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood has activated its formidable grassroots operation ahead of this week's presidential vote, but the Islamists may ... tags: AbdelAbulbrotherhoodCairoEgyptFotouhHosni