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Sunday Shows: GOP Circles The Wagons For Christie

Discussion of Chris Christie's bridge scandal and Robert Gates' new memoir dominated Sunday morning political talk. tags: abc_this_weekbridge_scandalchris_christiemarco_rubionbc_meet_the_pressobama_emboldened_talibanreince_priebus

Sunday Shows: Democrats Push NSA Reforms

On the Sunday shows, Democratic senators voice support for NSA reforms and the IMF chief warns against a debt ceiling fight. tags: abc_this_weekcnn_state_of_the_unionfox_news_sundayjoel_osteenjoe_manchinlagarde_imfmeet_the_press

Sunday Shows: China Heightens National Security Concerns

Former CIA chief Michael Hayden calls China's move 'dangerous,' while David Plouffe talks about re-building the president's approval ... tags: abc_this_weekchinachina_air_defense_zonediaoyu_islandsnational_journalnational_journal_sundayobamacare

Sunday Shows: On Iran, It's Kerry Vs. The Hawks

A deal in Geneva will halt key parts of Iran's nuclear program while lightening up economic sanctions placed on the country. tags: abc_this_weekbob_corkercbs_face_the_nationfox_news_sundaygenevajohn_kerrykerry_iran

Iran, ObamaCare, JFK Headline Sunday Shows

Israel's Benjamin Netanyahu again hit the political talk circuit to speak out against a deal with Iran. tags: 50th_anniversaryabc_this_weekbenjamin_netanyahucnn_state_of_the_uniondealjohn_kennedykelly_ayotte

Sunday Shows: Kerry Hopeful For Iran Deal

Israel's Benjamin Netanyahu expresses concern Iran will get 'a hell of a lot' from a new deal, and Chris Christie speaks up on the national ...

Sunday Shows: Infighting Breaks Out Among Senate GOP

In Sunday political talk, Ted Cruz won't rule out shutting down the government again to throw a wrench in health care reform.

Sunday Sound Bite: Government Shutdown Seems Likely

Ted Cruz and Dick Durbin weigh in on a potential government shutdown. Bill Clinton says GOP is 'desperate' for Obamacare to fail.

Sunday Sound Bite: Obama Has No Concern for 'Style Points'

The president tells ABC 'This Week' both the U.S. and Russia have a lot to gain from their joint plan to remove chemical weapons in Syria.

Sunday Sound Bite: Kerry Pushes Strike Against Syria

The secretary of state hit all five major Sunday shows to make a case for U.S. military intervention in Syria.

Sunday Sound Bite: Lawmakers Revisit MLK's 'Dream'

'Meet the Press' dipped into its archives for a historic interview with Martin Luther King, Jr. tags: abc_this_weekcivil_rightsegyptjohn_lewismartin_luther_kingmlknational_journal