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Dutchess - White Piano

A night in Brooklyn from the perspective of a wanderer's shoes is the scene for this stop motion music video from Brooklyn band Dutchess, ... tags: 99dollarmusicvideosdutchesslessavyfavmusicvideoMusic_and_Entertainmentrcrdlblrecordlabel

$99 Music Videos Call to Action

Producer Rob Czar spotlights some of the fantastic user submitted 99 Music Videos received last season. He wants to see more Watch now to ... tags: $9999Dollar99dollarmusicvideosBrooklynCassettesDavidJacksonDIY

Mixel Pixel - Monster Manual Music Video

Mixel Pixel and Dan Meth take you on a wild ride through the DD Monster Manual. This is Mixel Pixel's internet debut of 'Monster Manual.' ... tags: 99dollar99DollarMusicVideosAnimationCastleDanMethdiceDnD

Project Jenny, Project Jan - Junk (w/ Clack Singles Club) Music Video

Modern dancers, pop-up ads, and spilt milk -- the spiders in the head of Project Jenny, Project Jan in 'Junk.' Out April 14th, 2009, 'Junk' ... tags: 99dollar99DollarMusicVideosCocoonColorsEPJunkKathleenGraceMightRecords

Lowry - Whiskey Music Video

A deconstruction of a doomed relationship, as Lowry performs Whiskey. Whiskey is from Lowry's latest album, Love Is Dead, out Fall of 2008 ... tags: 99dollar99DollarMusicVideosBreakupDoubleExposureEngineRoomRecordingsJengaKathleenGrace

Frances - Cold Water Music Video

Simultaneous split-screen performances of Cold Water by Frances. Cold Water is from Frances' debut full-length, All The While, out October ... tags: 99dollar99DollarMusicVideosAllTheWhileColdWaterFrancesGiganticMusicKeyboard

La Strada - The Sun Song Music Video

La Strada's music video for 'The Sun Song' is a visual allegory of the band's sound, its roots in Europe but with a style that is ... tags: 99DollarMusicVideosAntiqueEarnestJenningEllisIslandIndieMusicJackFerryJamesCraft

Making of "Modern Day Saint" Music Video

Director and animator, Dan Meth, photographed Via Audio live and used sequenced, long exposure photos as a compliment to his original ... tags: 99DollarMusicVideosabstractAfterEffectsanimationcartoonDanMethdoodle

Via Audio - Modern Day Saint Music Video

Streaky photos and notebook doodlings combine in this animated video for 'Modern Day Saint' by Via Audio. 'Modern Day Saint,' is from Via ... tags: 99DollarMusicVideosabstractAfterEffectsanimationcartoonDanMethdoodle

Making of "Let Me Kiss You Now (And I'll Fade Away)" Music Video

Director Ana Veselic explains how she took the earnest lyricism of Plushgun's Let Me Kiss You Now And I'll Fade Away to create a ... tags: 99DollarMusicVideos99dollarsAnaVeselicchaosclappingfriendsGreenScreen