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Girl, 3, sparks urgent 999 hunt

By Jennifer FairhurstWest Yorkshire Police said the youngster made the lengthy 999 call at 10.53am yesterday but, despite extensive ... tags: 999AmbulanceCallEllieLeedsPolice

Girls 'spoken to' over hoax call

By Leanne RinneWest Yorkshire Police launched a search for the youngster and her mother after the caller told the ambulance service she ... tags: 999CallGirlHoaxMotherPoliceUnconscious

[Pub] Avatar Zombie!

Les zombis sont de retourDeviens un zombie toi aussi tags: 666999avatarchapatizdeilsnew

Classic Game Room - 999 review for Nintendo DS

999 review for Nintendo DS. Classic Game Room reviews 9 HOURS, 9 PERSONS, 9 DOORS published by Aksys for Nintendo DS, a cool numbers ... tags: 999aksysdoorsgamehourspersonsreview

CGRundertow 999: NINE HOURS, NINE PERSONS, NINE DOORS for Nintendo DS Video Game Review

999 Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors review. Classic Game Room presents a CGRundertow review of 999 Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine ... tags: 999cgrundertowclassicDoorsgameHoursNine

Unboxing Zero Escape : Virtue's Last Reward (3DS)

Yo les amis, aujourd'hui unboxing de Unboxing Zero Escape Virtue's Last Reward sur Nintendo 3DS, le jeu est galement dispo sur Playstation ... tags: 3DS999escapelastNintendorewardUnboxing

UFO SIGHTING: World's silliest 999 call?

A man calls 999 to report an unidentified flying object above his house in Hertfordshire. He later rings back to say it was actually the ... tags: 999callmoonsightings.silliestspaceUFO

Brain Freeze for US Presidential Hopeful Perry

US Republican presidential hopeful Rick Perry caused an online stir during a televised debate when he can remember only two of the three ... tags: 9-9-9CainHermanMichiganMittPaulplan

Sonu Nigam Promotes 'Dam 999'

Sonam Nigam was at the 'Dam 999' press conference to talk about the movie, which is an upcoming Hindi Hollywood upcoming movie based on the ... tags: 999conferenceDamearthquakeeventmovieNigam

After Ra.One, Dam 999 To Cash In On The 3D Buzz - Latest Bollywood News

After Ra.One, Dam 999 To Cash In On The 3D Buzz - Latest Bollywood News. Bollywood is going the Hollywood way in terms of 3D. After Ra.One, ... tags: 999AfterDamDayHollywoodRoysci-fi

Dam 999 – Film Review

Dam 999 Film Review. Dam 999, directed by Sohan Roy haven't mentioned anything about any dam till the end by when no one cares. Though ... tags: 999DameffectKapoorRajRajatRaman