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[Jack Frost Sims Machinima] Good Bye - SicKids Music Video feat. Katharine Jovey

ABOUT So, it's here I would like to thank Jason Hooft for convincing Kat to voice in the video. I really hope you like this Jay and Kat. Go ...

The Walking Dead: 400 Days DLC Review

After the Toronto flood 3_KILLA_BYTES are back in action and talking about THE WALKING DEAD 400 DAYS DLC. In this episode of 3KB Mike wears ... tags: 3kb3killabytes3_killa_bytesdeaddlcgamereview

Remember Me | We Forgot | 3KB

3_KILLA_BYTES forgot to talk about the video game REMEMBER ME. So put on your Sundays best and watch these 3 baboons as they talk about ... tags: 3603kb3killabytes3_killa_bytesgameRememberreview

Man of Steel | Disappointment Returns | 3KB

3_KILLA_BYTES are crawling into their baby space ships and are headed to the planet Earth in this video about the summer blockbuster MAN OF ... tags: 3kb3killabytes3_killa_bytesfilmmanmoviereview

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Review

3_KILLA_BYTES are looking at the biggest and most jaw dropping game of the year in this review of THE ELDER SCROLLS V SKYRIM. You already ... tags: 3kb3killabytesarmourA_C_GamesBethesda_Game_Studioscharacter_creationdragons

Dark Souls Review

3_KILLA_BYTES are rock hard talking about this super hard game in this DARK SOULS REVIEW. Get the scary dark truth about this gamer ... tags: 3kb3killabytesBandai_Gamesblood_stainsbonfiresboss_battleschallenging