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NASA to launch new Mars rover

NASA will launch its latest Mars rover, Curiosity, on Saturday. It is the agency's most ambitious mission yet to discover if life ever ... tags: Al Curiosity English Jazeera mars NASA Tom Ackerman

UC Davis launches probe after pepper-spray incident

The University of California Davis has launched an investigation into claims police used pepper spray on students on one of its campuses. ... tags: aljazeera americasnews occupy wall street tom ackermanal jazeeraaljazeeraamericasnews

Scheme aims to combat obesity in Philadelphia

One in three adults in Philadelphia is obese and one in ten suffers from diabetes. Residents of the city, the fifth largest in the US, say ... tags: al jazeera aljazeera obesity philadelphia tom ackermanal jazeeraaljazeera

North Carolina braces for Hurricane Irene

Irene, the first hurricane of the season, weakened a little as it arrived on the coast of the Carolinas on the US East Coast. This is the ... tags: Al Jazeera North Coralina Tom Ackermanhurricane. irene

Mixed feelings about Palestine's UN bid in Ramallah

The Palestinian leadership is making its application to UN for membership status its top priority when the General Assembly convenes in ... tags: al jazeera aljazeera General Assembly palestine Ramallah September Tom Ackerman

Jellyfish invade Israeli shores

Israelis have been dealing with a seaborne invasion of sorts this summer.Millions of giant jellyfish, called warty comb jelly, have ... tags: Tom AckermanmiddleeastnewsTom Ackerman

Palestinian minors jailed for throwing stones

Palestinian minors are being detained for throwing stones at Israeli forces. Children under the age of fourteen have been jailed for the ... tags: al Jazeera aljazeera clip jailed Palestinian stones Tom Ackerman