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SOPA: Silicon Valley vs. Hollywood in fight against online piracy act

11/28/11 The entertainment industry has long lobbied congress for tougher laws on piracy. It seems HR 3261, the Stop Online Piracy Act or ... tags: american censorship day congress facebook fight for the future google internet lamar smith

Loaded: App Store adds subscription-based games

Microsoft silently fights SOPA, Penguin pulls e-books from libraries, and Apple's App Store now offers games with monthly subscriptions. tags: app store AT&T CNET CNETTV digital books digital library FCC


Video Explanation - Sign the Petition - Contact your Congressman - tags: act bill censorship congressman free speech internet petition

Top 5 Reasons ████ ██ ██████

By attempting to control the internet, Congress can't help but do anything but screw it up. They want to create a system whereby any ... tags: acronyms suc congress protect ip stop online piracy act vlogbrothersacronyms succongress

Loaded: Google Music plays up sharing, free storage

Web sites black out their pages to protest online censorship and SOPA, the Salvation Army is using Square, and Google Music arrives with ... tags: AIM AOL CNET CNETTV Google Music instant messenger Loaded

SOPA Drama: Google, Facebook Oppose Stop Online Piracy Act in Congress

SOPA is trending as Congress debates an Internet piracy bill that is now generating opposition from some giants of the Web. Introduced in ... tags: google internet piracy bill limwire piracy crackdown piracy laws Pirate Bay slatester

Loaded: Sony to turn on Net-based TV service

Crude spam spreads on Facebook, the fight over an online piracy bill heats up, and Sony is working to distribute television channels ... tags: CNET CNETTV Facebook spam Google Music Loaded RNKD Sony