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My Occupy Wall Street Demands!

I am a member of the 99... and these are MY demands. I love the United States, but our government has been thoroughly corrupted. I support ... tags: atheist corruption Demands democrat protest reform republican

Increasing Voter Participation Through Instant Runoff Voting and Eliminating The Electoral College

The first video in what will hopefully be a series dealing with politics and policy. Voter turnout in the US Americans ... tags: americans elect Ape congress election Electoral College government

Obama's Draconian EPA Tax, Paulson's Inside Jobs & More: Infowars Nightly News

Former New Jersey governor John Corzine receives a subpoena to appear before a House panel investigating the MP Global scam. Treasury ... tags: Alex blackouts Channel Corzine draconian EPA financial

Free Mini Horse

Free the poor mini horse. Let the dwarf pony roam free. And we meet Mabel tags: british car cleveland show commute drive dwarf horse

Electoral reforms: Just do it, EC told

The government should immediately implement the interim recommendations of the parliamentary select committee PSC on electoral reform. Full ... tags: Bersih DAP electoral malaysiakini PSC reform report

Does Smaller Government Create More Jobs?

Bob Pollin There is no evidence that austerity and cuts to social programs creates jobs tags: America and austerity Congress crisis cuts deficit

Art Laffer Praises Newt's Social Security Plan: "Makes Perfect Sense"

In an interview on Fox, former Reagan economic advisor Art Laffer praised Newt's Social Security plan 'I do like it very much, and I think ... tags: Accounts Americans Art Laffer Choice Entitlements Ferrara Growth

Pension Reform and Union Shenanigans in San Diego

'Carl DeMaio, the councilman who's the primary author of the comprehensive pension reform ballot measure could be the Howard Jarvis of the ... tags: Election Reform San Diego Shenanigans UnionElectionPension

Weekly Video Address: Supreme Court Should Have Cameras in Courtroom for Health Care Case

During his weekly video address, Senator Chuck Grassley explains why the US Supreme Court should allow video and audio coverage of upcoming ... tags: Care Chuck Court Grassley Health healthcare Iowa

US top court to consider legality of Obama healthcare law

The US Supreme Court has announced it will hear a constitutional challenge to President Barack Obama's healthcare reform law. It would ... tags: Barack Court Halkett healthcare jazeera Kimberly law