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HipMojo 12B: Timely vs Timeless Videos

In part 2 of show 12 of HipMojo, Ash and CT discuss the pros and cons of creating timely and timeless videos. tags: 5min aol ap ashkan karbasfrooshan associated press breaking content

Bill Maher Defends Occupy Wall Street

From October 21st 2011, Real Time with Bill Maher on HBO.'These people down there, they're not the counter-culture.''They're the ... tags: 99% activism bill maher occupation occupy dc occupy wall street protest

Topsy: real-time social platform (er, search) adds Google+ to Twitter and more coming soon

Here I get a good look at Topsy, which now is showing real time info from Twitter and Google+. You gotta check this out tags: discover real time socialdiscoverreal timesearchsocial

Real Time With Bill Maher: Bill Maher PSA (HBO)

Join Bill Maher as he takes the 'It Gets Better' pledge Trevor Project offers help to any young person who is struggling. If you are ... tags: bill mahar bill maher bill mahr bill mar comedy episode full episodes

GoPollGo brings real-time polls and results to the web

This is really cool. You can ask your followers a question and see their answers in real time. You see this after I asked a question. Here ... tags: Ben Schaechter gopollgo real time surveysBen Schaechtergopollgopolls

How Social Media Can Increase Your Search Rankings with Noran El Shinnawy

In this video interview, social media expert Noran El-Shinnawy discusses the role of social media mentions in increasing your ranking on ... tags: Bing boostctr buttons Facebook Google+ Ralph Wilson real time

YouTube + Twitter = Nico Nico Douga

LinkAsia July 22, 2011 Contributor Rebecca Milner tells us about a social networking site in Japan that's part Twitter and YouTube. ... tags: Commentary Discussion Japan Link Asia Nico Nico Douga Real Time Rebecca Milner

Tag Notifiers in GpsGate Server

Video tutorial on how to use Tag Notifiers in GpsGate Server. This video shows you how to only display available taxi cars in a View, using ... tags: GPS GpsGate howto Notifier real time Server Tag

Ann Coulter Does Bill Maher: Reviewed

Much to my surprise, Ann Coulter appeared on Bill Maher's HBO show 'Real Time With Bill Maher' but failed to by much much more than a ... tags: analysis Ann Anne bl blond Bono Chaz