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Amazon Prime Tips

12/03/11 Ron Schenone has been a satisfied Amazon Prime customer for six years which makes sense, because being a dissatisfied ... tags: Free Hack Hollywood lockergnome Media Movies

Asus Transformer Prime Gaming

From This short video shows a few games running on the Asus Transformer Prime and Tegra 3. It is part of a larger review ... tags: android Android (operating System) gaming honeycomb prime tablet Tablet Computer

Asus Transformer Prime External Design (HD 720p)

From This short clip shows what the Asus Transformer Prime looks in the real world. It is part of a larger review located at ... tags: android design honeycomb prime tablet transformer ubergizmodotcom

Remembering Rabin by Teaching Antiviolence and Democracy

To commemorate the 16th anniversary of Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin's assassination, the American Center sponsored two multifaceted ... tags: 16 American assassination Center Jerusalems Katamon Kedma

Confident of winning FDI vote: Govt

It's a game of brinkmanship in Parliament - who will blink first. Our politicians claim they want Parliament to function, but will the ... tags: direct Foreign government in investment Minister ndtv

Asus Transformer Prime HDMI output (HD 720p)

This short clip shows the Asus Transformer Prime playing a 1080p video on a 55' HDTV over HDMI. It is part of a larger review published at ... tags: asus honeycomb laptop mobile prime tablet transformer