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CrossTalk: Pakistan's Revenge

When will US-Pakistan relations reach a point of no-return Will the US stop its war on terror at the expense of civilians How can the ... tags: Ahmad Majidyar Crosstalk death toll Islamabad Masha Charnay militants military coup

CrossTalk: Fat Tax

Should people pay more for fattening goodies Can it solve the problem of obesity How will the money raised be used by the government And ... tags: big bills congress consumption fast food fat tax food

On The Money: Welcome to WTO

How will Russia and the WTO match up Will the WTO membership benefit big Russian exporters at the expense of Russian small businesses Will ... tags: accession analysis business company corporations crisis dollar

CrossTalk on Bahrain: Forgotten Spring

The BICI report has accused Bahraini security forces of wrongdoing, but is the issue of the report enough justify the regime Will the ... tags: Bahrain BICI report Cairo riots Cross Talk Egypt clashes Egypt riots Egypt Supreme Council

CrossTalk: Egyptian Limbo

Will Egypt's military council ensure fair elections Does the West support the military against the traditional bogeyman known as the Muslim ... tags: Cairo riots Cross Talk David Bukay Egypt clashes Egypt p Egypt riots Egypt Supreme Council

CrossTalk: EUNITY

How much will the eurozone crisis divide Europe Will we see less trust among nations Will it allow nationalism and xenophobia to become ... tags: angela merkel anti-immigarion britain Charles Kupchan crisic Crosstalk currency

Crosstalk: GOP Repo-men

hat has happened to the traditional Republican views on foreign policy Can Obama's foreign policy be viewed as hawkish And if it can, then ... tags: Australia Bill Schneider candidate Clifford Schecter Crosstalk foreign Gaddafi