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NASA | NPP: Making the News

When it comes to a NASA mission, it is not just about the science and engineering but it is also important to educate the public about the ... tags: climate Delta II goddard Weather Justin Berk nasa nasa goddard nasaexplorer

NASA | The Dual Personality of the 'Christmas Burst'

The Christmas burst, also known as GRB 101225A, was discovered in the constellation Andromeda by Swift's Burst Alert Telescope at 138 pm ... tags: andromeda burst Christmas gamma-ray goddard NASA nasaexplorer

NASA | Women@Goddard: Meet Alberta Moran

Meet Alberta Moran - From someone who learned to drive a Model T car to someone who saw the space shuttle and saw a man landing on the ... tags: alberta moran Goddard Space Flight Center gsfc NASA nasa goddard nasaexplorer women at goddard

NASA | New Model Predicts Fire Season Severity in the Amazon

By analyzing nearly a decade of satellite data, a team of scientists led by researchers from the University of California, Irvine and ... tags: fire kayvon shargi model nasa goddard nasaexplorer south america Space

NASA | Swift Captures Flyby of Asteroid 2005 YU55

Asteroid 2005 YU55 whisks through the field of view of Swift's Ultraviolet/Optical Telescope UVOT on Nov. 9, just hours after the space ... tags: 2005 YU55 earth nasa nasa goddard nasaexplorer scott wiessinger swift

NASA | The Truth about 2012 - Solar Storms

Should we be concerned about solar storms in 2012 Heliophysicist Alex Young fromNASA Goddard Space Flight Center sorts out truth from ... tags: 2012 alex young atmosphere cme coronal mass ejection Genna Duberstein nasa

NASA | TIRS TVAC1 Opening the Vacuum Chamber

The Thermal InfraRed Sensor TIRS is part of the Landsat Data Continuity Mission LDCM to continue thermal imaging and to support emerging ... tags: Landsat LDCM nasaexplorer satellite testing TIRSLandsat

NASA | Operation IceBridge Discovers Massive Crack in Ice Shelf

In October, 2011, NASA's Operation IceBridge discovered a major rift in the Pine Island Glacier in western Antarctica. This crack, which ... tags: Antarctica cryosphere ice nasaexplorer OIB Operation icebridgeAntarctica

NASA | Making Tractor Beams a Reality (Eventually)

Tractor beams -- the ability to trap and move objects using laser light -- are the stuff of science fiction, but a team of NASA scientists ... tags: comet nasaexplorer technologycometNASAnasaexplorertechnology

NASA | Fermi Finds a Youthful Pulsar Among Ancient Stars

In three years, NASA's Fermi has detected more than 100 gamma-ray pulsars, but something new has appeared. Among a type of pulsar with ages ... tags: astronomy Fermi gamma ray nasaexplorer pulsar starsastronomy

NASA | Solar Cycle

The number of sunspots increases and decreases over time in a regular, approximately 11-year cycle, called the sunspot cycle. The exact ... tags: cme cycle heliophysics helioseismology sunspot maximum minimum nasa

NASA | NPP: Final Steps to Countdown

NPP is nearly ready to be launched This video describes the final steps for this Earth-observing climate and weather satellite before it ... tags: climate earth science launch malissa reyes nasa nasa goddard nasaexplorer