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My Top 25 Favorite Wrestlemania Matches

This is just my personal opinion of all the Wrestlemania matches I've enjoyed. Some of you will agree, some of you won't. If you'd like, ... tags: 1234455 CZW Dragon Gate List Matches Monoxide

Top 25 Guys who could've been WWE Champion

I had fun making that first video, so I decided to steal Sandersrobin's idea and go with this. Again, this is strictly opinion based. These ... tags: 1234455 Champion CZW Dragon Gate Monoxide NOAH

death of a indie label part 6 of 6

This is just a brief glimpse into the psychopathic records cult and one of many reasons we could never get along let me be clear for years ... tags: abbis abk alex amb an bill billy

My old Fabulous Moolah Tribute 1923 - 2007

I will make a video explaining why I have reuploaded this in a day or two. Otherwise, enjoy the video and pay your respects for the most ... tags: 1234455 CZW Dragon Fabulous Gate Monoxide Moolah

Nexus A Flop For Business?

08/13/11 tags: 1234455 CZW Dragon Gate Monoxide Nexus NOAH

Lets talk about putting someone over

07/22/11 To 'put over' something a wrestler, promotion, match, etc. means to make it look good or otherwise encourage the ... tags: 1234455 CZW Dragon Gate Monoxide NOAH ROH