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New Occupation: 20000 march for economic justice in NYC

A vast new protest wave has swept through New York, as some 20-thousand people marched demanding better jobs and economic opportunities. ... tags: 99 percent Cops labour march loans Marina Portnaya New York New York labour march

Crossing Police Lines: US cops defect to OWS

Police in Los Angeles have cleared one of the last and longest-standing 'Occupy' camps in the US, making 300 arrests in the process. These ... tags: 99 percent arrest Cops fireworks loans Los Angeles Marina Portnaya

Friendship on Fire: Pakistan done with US?

A furious Pakistan is making its anger abundantly clear, over the recent NATO air strike which killed 24 of its soldiers. It's now pulled ... tags: Afghanistan air base drone attacks Hamid Gul Islamabad John Rees Marina Portnaya

Syrian Slide: UN blasts Assad over bloodshed

The UN Assembly's human rights committee has agreed on a resolution condemning Syria for its eight month crackdown on protesters, in which ... tags: Arab League assad opposition Bashar al-Assad buffer zone crackdown Damascus direct military action

Enslaved to Banks: US students drawn to join Occupy movement

The US campaign against corporate greed that's faced a nationwide police crackdown. One group in the country that knows better than most ... tags: american dream bias city civil college students credit card debt loans

Occupy Force Out: Evictions promote OWS brand

Occupy Wall Street protesters in New York have returned to the epicenter of the movement, Zuccotti Park, but without their tents and ... tags: Alex Jones arrest fireworks horse police horseback Marina Portnaya NYPD

Oakland-DC-NYC: Occupy dot-to-dot to make big picture

A peaceful protest has descended into fresh violence in the Californian city of Oakland, as police moved in to break up an 'Occupy' rally. ... tags: camp Colonel West eviction flash bang Locksupport Marina Portnaya NYC

NYPD vs OWS: Crackdown but no backdown

New York police officers have been arresting Occupy Wall Street demonstrators who took to the streets Wednesday to decry a crackdown ... tags: Marina Portnaya marine vet injured oakland New York arrests oakland police tear gas oakland tear gas occupy oakland protest occupy oakland protesters

Occupy Oakland Crackdown: Cop war-zone tactics?

Police in Oakland, California, have been trying hard to scare off Occupy Wall Street protesters that kept coming back to the city hall. The ... tags: Broadway camp ev flash bang Josh Wolf Marina Portnaya marine vet wounded

Rich Pickings: OWS arrests throw oil on protest fire

In the US, where more people have been arrested following the latest wave of public protests against excessive corporate influence in the ... tags: beating boston pd boston veterans bpd crackdown dissent Marina Portnaya