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Donate - Dec 2, 2011

call in at 978-594-1569 and donate 20 for the Handmade Triskele box by Spiritual Manifestation Shrine or Donate 10 for the Stone necklace ... tags: donate Magick magicktv Tv videodonateMagick

WOWM - Oak and Lilly - media and the modern witch

Danielle and Alfred talk about the Wizard of OZ, Harry Potter, the secret circle, magic users in anime and manga, in video games, and in ... tags: alfred foxglove full metal alchemist halfblood harry potter mage magic

Rev. Don's Vlog - Gastromancy

Rev. Don discusses Gastromancy, in response to a question from Jacob Daniel Ray. See all of Rev. Don's Vlogs at ... tags: Gastromancy jacobdanielray Magick magicktv Tv Vlog Witch

Donate - Dec 3, 2011

call in at 978-594-1569 and be the first to donate 50 for Rev. Don's Handmade Scarab Box or be one of the first four to donate 20 for a ... tags: don donate foxglove Magick support Tv vlog

WOWM - Ritual for 12-13-11 - Melissa's Dedication

Melissa's Dedication we have rituals every Saturday at 7 EST check them out live at tags: Dedication magic magick ritual tituba temple Tv wicca

Rev. Don's Vlog - Spiritual Contracts

Rev. Don discusses the idea of Spiritual Contracts, in response to a question from Tsukiyomaru0. See all of Rev. Don's Vlogs at ... tags: Contracts Dreams Magick magicktv Spiritual Tsukiyomaru0 Tv

WOWM-Rune Study Group-Thurisaz

We talk about the rune Thurisaz See the full schedule of events here Join the group and discuss on the young witches ... tags: foxglove Magick study group thurisaz TvfoxgloveMagick

Rev. Don's Vlog - Telekinesis

Rev. Don discusses telepathy clairvoyance and telekinesis, in response to a question from DragoKwan See all of Rev. Don's Vlogs at ... tags: Clairvoyance dragokwan Magick magicktv Telekinesis Telepathy Tv

Rev. Don's Vlog - Penultimate Pendulum

Rev. Don discusses what makes a pendulum move, in response to a question from SevenM00ns. See all of Rev. Don's Vlogs at ... tags: Magick magicktv Pendulum sevenm00ns Tv Vlog Witch

WOWM - Comparitive Witchcraft - What is Magic

Alfred discusses magic, ritual, psychism, differences between practical and religious magic, and and exercise for how to deal with 'outside ... tags: energy magic magick practical magic psychism religious magic ritual

Rev. Don's Vlog - Pentacles Revisted

Rev. Don revisits the issue of Pentacless, including the difference between Pentacles and Pentagrams and the meaning symbolism in the ... tags: insomniac4ever Magick magicktv Pentacle Pentacol Pentagram Pentalpha

Rev. Don's Vlog - Strangest Handfastings

Rev. Don discusses the strangest and most memorable handfastings he has attended or officiated at, in response to a question from ... tags: Couple Handfasting Magick magicktv Marriage reddragon Triad