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[Let's Play #004] Tribes: Ascend Team Deathmatch

Patch notes In this video, I do a Let's play on TribesAscend. As of patch 0.1.585.0, several changes have been applied to ... tags: beta bwana bwanamccall bwanatv commentary fps

[Let's Play #005] Minecrafting On New Premium Server

Texture Pack Rei's Minimap Mod In this Let's Play episode, I play some Minecraft 1.0 This is our new Premium server for ... tags: bwana commentary iobuffa jeb lets play letsplay

Let's Play Robo's Super Mario Bros. 3 (Episode 1)

It's been too long since I've done a full SMB3 romhack This one looks quite promising It's supposedly difficult, but fair - no Kaizo stuff. ... tags: bros brothers docsigma hack iii lets letsplay

[Let's Play Episode 001] Tribes Ascend BETA: Good Team Defense with Technician

New kind of video for me. Providing commentary over a pre-recorded gameplay. I guess it's kind of a Let's play In this video, I talk about ... tags: bwana bwanamccall bwanatv commentary defense gameplay iobuffa

Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Trials and Tribulations Ending Credts HD

Been a while since I uploaded a video so here is one even though I bet it will only get about 10 views. Enjoy tags: and anime apollo Bakugan battle black capcom

LP Quickie: Super Mario R

This was requested by user GDGaming. Created by legendary romhacker DahrkDaiz, it's a hack of Super Mario Bros. where almost everything is ... tags: bros brothers dahrkdaiz doc docsigma letsplay lp

LP Quickie: LittleM128's SMB3 Hack

This two-world SMB3 hack was created by user LittleM128. Except for some... strangeness near the end, I really enjoyed this hack tags: 128 bros brothers doc docsigma hack iii