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Black Dragon Make

Not as cool as Matt G's video but just as much fun tags: fun jeb jumping wingsuitingbasefunjeb

Scaredy cat jumps HIGH!

My cat Gram was creeping in the door so I ran my hand across the bed real fast and made a noise. This video is the outcome lol tags: animals Bengal cat cats cute funniest high

FAILS WORLD - Girl Jump Fail

11/28/11 Subscribe To Us Youtube FACEBOOK TWITTER Upload your video at ... tags: Epic Epic Fail Fail Failsworld Girl Jump Jumping

Madoc #1 w/ Mark Freeman (Motocross IRL) Sports

11/27/11 to watch 408 Practice w/ Mark Freeman Motocross IRL Sports Madoc 1 w/ Mark Freeman Motocross IRL Sports Mark Freeman 408 ... tags: atv bike Burnt cliffs Compound dirt dirtbike

go ¢яαzу [caly bareback v.3]

jumping caly bareback today wish it didn't get dark so early highest jump is about 4'/a little higher. tags: 314 adult bareback caly Charismatic child crazy

Kittens being kittens!

Moamo and Zat having some fun Happy Thanksgiving weekend to everyone in the States Please subscribe and spread the word about this channel tags: acting adorable baby beautiful by cute debut

Mirror Lake Jump 2011

A video of the massive amounts of people at the mirror lake jump in 2011. The temperature was awkwardly warm 55+ degrees. It is usually ... tags: 2010 2011 2012 Agent Beer Buckeyes Bucks

Let's Play Legaia 2: Duel Saga #4 - Side Jumping Gale Winds

Joining me Not everyone could speak Dreamer Odin Gemini NostalgiaGamer ... tags: Duel jump jumping Legaia Play saga Serenia

Jump the shark - what happened to the shark?

11/10/11 Ever heard the expression 'Jump the Shark' It refers to an episode of Happy Days where Fonzie jumps the shark, and from ... tags: animation days fonz fonzie funny happy Happy Days

Demonic Shadow Jumping on Wall in Abandoned House

From 330-347 we captured a shadow, which appears to be evil, jumping on the wall. It then appears to manifest itself and bends down in the ... tags: 0899 Abandoned Antiques Caught cs Death Evil