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Infrared Videos by Popular

Infrared Night Vision Mini Helmet Camera 8 IR

This is a sample video taken using the SC-LED-IR camera at night. This was shot using the 8 IRs model. Buy it from StuntCams tags: 15 cam camera infrared ir jayjones mini

Yuri and High Pressure Water - Periodic Table of Videos

Mourning the passing of Yuri E Gorbaty, The Professor discusses his old colleague's important work with water under extreme conditions. ... tags: Gorbaty high infrared periodicvideos pressure Russia temperature

Ashens Halloween Special 2011

Halloween again, eh Time to nip off to the cheapest shops imaginable and come back with armfuls of hideous tat, then... What's better than ... tags: 72 ashens critters emf funny gauss ghost

Adobe Photoshop CS3 Productivity and Power Techniques Creating an Infrared Effect

Get the complete lesson at find out about more lessons on Twitter totaltraining or http Order today and save 20 ... tags: an and Creating Effect Infrared Photoshop Power

A hidden world revealed: the surface of Titan

The Cassini spacecraft has been used to make a global multicolor map of Saturn's giant moon Titan -- bigger than Mercury -- for the first ... tags: Astronomer Bad infrared moon planet Titan (moon) The Titan

WISE Finds Fewer Asteroids

New observations by NASA's Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer, or WISE, show there are significantly fewer near-Earth asteroids in the ... tags: Amy asteroids Earth exploration Explorer images Infrared

Tiffen T1 IR Filter ep 25

09/14/11 and midtown video present 'the .video show, with jesse miller'. this segment features the Tiffen T1 IR filter. Also some well ... tags: .video Filter glass hot infrared IR jesse

'Invisibility cloak' for tanks tested

The company behind a new so-called 'invisibility cloak' says it will help protect tanks from heat-seeking missiles. Like us on Facebook at ... tags: adaptiv bae battle cloak helicopter infra infra-red

Why Do Scientologists Have Thick Heads of Hair?

play this to the audio at This video is a result of a curiosity of a an observation of a pattern. It seems that most ... tags: bra cardio cardiovascular drug drugs dry exercise