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It's our gold Venezuela's gold

Venezuela has begun to repatriate the South American nation's gold treasures held in Western banks in a move to protect the country against ... tags: Caracas central_bank_of_caracas economy gold gold_reserves historic_act hugo_chavez

US admn imposes new sanctions on Iran

Britain the United States have imposed new sanctions on Iran's banking system and energy sector, November 22 2011. tags: central_bank_of_iran credit financial_system hussainmehdi iran_banks iri sanctions_on_iran

Monarch Mullah Company

President Hamid Karzai's chief of staff has said British authorities brought a fake Taliban commander into sensitive meetings with the ... tags: cheap_game company crown great_game greed greed_game hussainmehdi

Soltanieh criticizes iaea report

without support of even one single original documents, Mr Yukiya Amano issues iaea report on November 08 2011 Mr. Soltanieh says the ... tags: defective defective_report hussainmehdi iaea_issues_report iaea_report iran iri

Rich democracy Poor democracy

Rich democracy, poor democracy, and gap in October 29 year 2011. tags: hussainmehdihussainmehdipakistan

Greece or Euro

'Greece had never voted to become a member of the European Union or to accept the Euro' says Apostolos Zoupaniotis, publisher of Greek ... tags: Anagignoskomena Athens austerity catholic church euro europe

18th press fair Tehran

The 18th edition of Tehran International Exhibition of the Press and News Agencies has kicked off at Imam Khomeini Grand Prayer Grounds. ... tags: hussainmehdi iran iri media news_media news_papers news_publication

Troops Come Home Obama Announces

President Obama has announced today that the United States will bring all American troops home by the end of the year as promised. Oct 21 ... tags: hussainmehdi iraq obama_announces obama_fulfills_promise president_barak_obama troops_come_home usa