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Keith Owen: Is your goal a Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu?

Keith Owen talks about goal setting in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and the most common things that will derail you from achieving that goal. tags: 101 arts belt bjj black brazilian goals

A detailed look at the Americana Arm Lock from Side Control with James Foster

Here Coach James Foster demonstrates a basic key lock setup from side control, as well as the keys to finishing the hold and getting the ... tags: 101 americana bjj brazilian control foster gracie

"Shoulder Walk" Side Control Escape with James Foster

Here Coach Foster shows a variation of the traditional side control escape when your partner or opponent has full control of your head. In ... tags: 101 bjj brazilian control escape gi gracie

The Gracie Way (Ep. 6): Knife Fighting, Rugby, Hammerhead Sharks and Kettle Bells...

Join Ryron Gracie on his recent trip to New Zealand. He taught a few seminars, learned some knife fighting techniques, watch some crazy ... tags: academy brothers defense gracie jiu-jitsu mma rener

The Omoplata Shoulder Lock: Revisited

The omoplata his a leg over shoulder lock that is very common in MMA and Jiu Jitsu. We have several videos on how to defend against it as ... tags: 101 Arts bjj brazilian gracie grappling jitsu

Supah Ninjas Interview With Gracie Dzienny, Ryan Potter & Carlos Knight

10/26/11 - Become a Fan - Follow Us Dana Ward and Joslyn Davis sat down with Gracie Dzienny, Ryan Potter and Carlos Knight ... tags: carlos dzienny gracie ishina knight nick nickelodeon