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Hairy protozoa!

Hairy protozoa under a cover slip as the water is slowly drying up. They are slowing up now and They congregate around an air bubble ... tags: gaiatechniciangaiatechnicianHairyportoz

Protozoa eating each other!

Protozoa under the microscope at 40X 100X and 400X If you look carefully, you can easily see that they produce a 'whirlpool' in front as ... tags: algae bacteria gaiatechnician hay infusion protozoaalgaebacteria

Next? Masonry, Windowfarms, Pulser, Fibre, linux? You choose!

What do you want Masonry info, techniques, tools Flax for fiber pots, research windowfarms Microscope video for linux or Linux tips for ... tags: Computer Educational fiber pot. gaiatechnician Maker masonry tools microscope

Using a webcam to convert an optical microscope into a digital microscope!

I use a webcam Genius FaceCam 1000 with the linux cheese webcam program and the record my desktop program to produce a video from my cheap ... tags: camera computer digital gaiatechnician linux webcam windows

Tiny green things.ogv

This is water from the container under a plant with green water. under the microscope tags: algae gaiatechnician microscopealgaegaiatechniciangreenmicroscope

Masonry techniques How to pipe joint or grapevine joint

This video shows how to make a home made pipe jointer and also how to practice and the general technique needed to use it. The white cement ... tags: building cleaning construction design gaiatechnician How-to Joint (building)

Rock wall Masonry, some tips to get you started. (Captions used to convey information).

This video shows a few tips about making rock walls It WAS a promo for selling a VCD but they changed their terms of service and video cd's ... tags: gaiatechnician masonry rockwork stone stonework wallsgaiatechnician

Ideas for your masonry or garden projects

Some of my past masonry work. Stiles instead of steps, Holes in walls for plants, etc. Duckling paths to escape predators, and more. tags: gaiatechnician gardens plantersgaiatechniciangardens plantersmasonry

Masonry Hidden compartment in a rock wall.

It is fairly easy to do this type of hidden masonry compartment but it is very hard to spot if you don't know that it is there tags: design gaiatechnician howto masonry security wallsdesign