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Pumped Up Kicks (Foster The People) Cover

This was SO. MUCH. FUN. Shane. Diego. Your's truly. Hope you dig our cover Link to my FIRST NEW COVER SONG EP Links to ... tags: 08 aco antonio bernal boa cover diego

A detailed look at the Americana Arm Lock from Side Control with James Foster

Here Coach James Foster demonstrates a basic key lock setup from side control, as well as the keys to finishing the hold and getting the ... tags: 101 americana bjj brazilian control foster gracie

The War on Weed: 'Vanguard' Trailer

In 'The War on Weed,' Christof Putzel travels coast to coast to investigate the bizarre range of marijuana laws and enforcement in America. ... tags: Adam award Christof Current Darren Foster groundbreaking

Polanski vuelve con 'Un dios salvaje'

Ya est en los cines espaoles la nueva cinta del realizador Roman Polanski, 'Un dios salvaje'. El director francs se pone de nuevo tras las ... tags: Foster Polanski Reilly Waltz WinsletFosterPolanski

Grassley Discusses National Adoption Month

Senator Chuck Grassley discusses National Adoption Month on the US Senate floor on November 16, 2011. tags: Adoption Caucus Chuck Foster Grassley Iowa Month

Stuck in America's health care system: Scenes from Vanguard

In this scene from 'Under the Knife Abroad,' 'Vanguard' correspondent Adam Yamaguchi meets Lisa Long, a former surgical technician whose ... tags: Adam award Christof Current Darren Foster groundbreaking

Outsourcing surgery to India: Scenes from 'Vanguard'

In this episode of 'Vanguard,' correspondent Adam Yamaguchi travels to Chennai, India with Kenny, who has decided that a more affordable ... tags: Adam award Christof Current Darren Foster groundbreaking