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Naomi Simson Founder RedBalloon Swim With WhaleSharks

Naomi Simson founded RedBalloon in 2001 - on her wish list has been to Swim With Whale Sharks at Ningaloo Reef of the WA coast. After 10 ... tags: Adventure Experiences Gift redballoon redballoondays Shark Sharks

Lucid Dream Experience #1: The Subway

I was checking other people's experiences up on youtube and so I decided that I would share some of my own Lucid dreams. tags: 1975 dreams experiences juanito1975dreamsexperiences

Spiritual Experience: Unknown Spirit!

In this experience I talk about how I had not one, but 2 presences in my room. One was known, and the other was unknown to me. tags: 1975 body experiences ghosts juanito obe of

The Internet of Experiences: The River

We recorded a short message about Mentorology. Links to the video file will be written on an RFID-taggged stone. Memories from the past can ... tags: Bulacard compassion Experiences Fiji Internet isolation Kenai

‪Lessons from 4 Near Death Experiences NDE & Out of Body Experiences OBE‬

Lawrence Poole's inspiring multimedia conferences illustrate the deep wisdom he learned from Nature and from his four near death ... tags: body death divine experiences god heart juicy

The Internet of Experiences: RFID Ice

The ice is a blank canvas where we can leave, retrieve, and share music, stories, and messages. We used a Nexus S to read and display a ... tags: Alaska art Bulacard cell Dalls Experiences Fiji

The Internet of Experiences: RFID Buladog

One of our first dogs was named Bula. He was a very happy 100 lb golden retriever. The puppies in this video are his great grand pups. We ... tags: bula bulacard buladog collar dog Experiences golden

Depressions and the Beauty of Life

Let me know what you think about life....and the problems we have to deal with..... Are you glad to be in this world Let me know why...or ... tags: about beautiful beeing better disorders experiences God

The Internet of Experiences: Hat Creek RFID Fishing

We went RFID Fishing for trout on Hat Creek. We have the ability to leave personalized electronic messages on fishing tackle using modified ... tags: bulacard California Creek experiences fishing Hat Inside

The Internet of Experiences: Liquid Stone Art, Kodiak Riverstones

Burn a personalized message in stone. We used a Nexus S cell phone to retrieve, display, and share a Kodiak stream and ocean video. tags: Alaska art black bulacard experiences Fiji fishing

Gohan goes ape

anime dbz btw i dont own dragonball z tags: af and anime ape dbz dragonball episode