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Ron Paul: Bailout panel whitewashes Fed guilt

Sponsor LRN.FM - Ron Paul Bailout panel whitewashes Fed guilt. Some of the video in this clip is available for you to use ... tags: 2012 bailouts banksters big campaign crisis debt

What's Next for the Eurozone?

12/03/11 What's Next for the Eurozone FXE EWO EWG EWQ. The 'European Debt Crisis' has hit the markets with extremely ... tags: Ben Bernanke Brazi Currency Dollar Economy Education ETF Trading

Le projet européen franco-allemand inquiète David Cameron

12/02/11 Le projet franco-allemand de modification des traits europens n'enchante gure David Cameron. Le Premier ministre ... tags: euronewsfr Europe EurozoneeuronewseuronewsfrEuropeEurozone

Currency Crash: 'No solution to crisis - too late to save euro'

The person essentially in charge of Europe's purse strings says there is no easy fix to the Eurozone's debt crisis and finding a solution ... tags: Angela Merkel austerity Berlusconi budget bureauc cuts democracy

China the Savior: BRICS cementing Euro-deals

While Western economies are struggling, the East has seen rapid financial growth. China's presence in Europe can be felt more than ever, ... tags: banking brazil china crisis debts EU Europe

Merkel remains opposed to Eurobonds, addresses Bundestag (German)

German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Friday told the German parliament, the Bundestag, that she continues to oppose a common financing of ... tags: Angela Merkel Berlin Bundestag crisis euro eurobonds eurozone

Treaty changes must favour Britain says Cameron

12/02/11 President Nicolas Sarkozy and Prime Minister David Cameron met in Paris when the two discussed the eurozone debt crisis. ... tags: Europe EurozoneeuronewsEuropeEurozone

Merkel calls for tighter euro fiscal union

German chancellor Angela Merkel says Europe should work towards a full fiscal union as it strives to resolve the eurozone's debt crisis. ... tags: Al al jazeera aljazeera Angela Merkel English EU summit Europe

Debt Debacle: Merkel gives EU the FU

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has urged for 'a Fiscal Union with strict rules' to address the root causes of the 'Europe's widening ... tags: Angela Merkel austerity Berlusconi budget bureauc cuts democracy