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Gift ! (Elmer by Komikero - Gerry Alanguilan)

Komikero sent me a signed copy of his graphic novel Also, my hair has gone a bit weird. Lomikero website - My website = ... tags: Book Books chicken Comic depp eliseharris elmer

How to Make Parsnip Crisps

Recipe for quick and easy oven cooked parsnip crisps. Experiment with timings in your oven but it should be at about 180c/350f/gas mark 4 ... tags: chips cook cookery Cooking crisp Crisp (food) delicious

No shampoo!

I have stopped using shampoo on my hair both for monetary and beauty-ralated reasons and it's working well so far.Save money by stopping ... tags: beauty budget Easy elise eliseharris fat arms hair

Heretical Vegetable - Parsnip

The vegetable that has inspired both faith and heresy. Possibly the most morally ambiguous vegetable of them all. Music from Kevin Macleod, ... tags: bach brandenburg comedy daft elise eliseharris faith

Ooh the Olympics, yay

A visit to Stratford to see stuff they are building for the 2012 Olympics. I am so very excited. I might mention it a few times during the ... tags: 2012 east eliseharris England excitement Field Fun

Foraging (How to Make blackberry and apple crumble from scratch)

Foraging for blackberries, and a quick apple and blackberry crumble recipe using stuff that was already in my cupboards and stuff I found ... tags: apple blackberries blackberry budget Cook cooking crumble

Comics and Women

Rant about two sorts of comics. The paper sort and the comedian sort. Meanders - well, I am a woman, after all. I should probably have ... tags: comedians comedy conventions dc eliseharris funny geek

Angel has a Foolproof Plan

Angel is back from abroad and she has a plan for the future that simply can't go wrong. tags: angeliccomet blonde character comedy comic doctor elise

Arthur Conan Doyle's House - Edinburgh Diary

I am back in London, but the last thing I did before I left Edinburgh was go to see where Arthur Conan Doyle, Author of the Sherlock Holmes ... tags: arthur conan detective doyle edinburgh eliseharris festival

Last Night - Edinburgh Fringe vlog

The last night of the Fringe for me, and I have no shows. One last chance to schmooze, which I did half-heartedly, but I did do. tags: 2011 arches bridge carr cave edfringe edinburgh