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Drought Videos by Popular

Kenyan farmers fighting over scarce land

Farmers in Kenya are fighting over disappearing land and water due to increasingly frequent droughts. These disputes have often led to ... tags: africanews al drought English farmers greste jazeera

Fault Lines - Promo: Crisis in the Horn of Africa: Somalia's Famine

Fault Lines travels to Mogadishu to see the impact of Somalia's famine, and asks if US policies have contributed to the disaster. tags: Al aljazeera drought English famine Fault Lines horn of africa

Kenya Greenhouse Farming

In northern Kenya, the way of life is mostly nomadic, but an alternative way of farming is being introduced. VOA's Vincent Makori reports. tags: Drought Food Greenhouse Farming In Focus Kenya Nomad Northern Kenya


FACEBOOK TWITTER Tay Zonday is a People's Voice Award-Nominated, Youtube Award-Winning, Webby Award-Winning ... tags: audio bass blogs chat chocolate Drought Famine

Millions of butterflies begin annual migration to Mexico

Nov. 22 - As Monarch butterflies migrate to Mexico's forested mountains in Michoacan, biologists fear droughts in the US and Mexico will ... tags: butterflies drought finance migration monarch butterfly news politics

Worsening conflict could affect Somalia aid

The drought in Somalia has eased due to recent rains as well as an increase in aid, but Kenyan troops are advancing in the south and ... tags: Al Al Jazeera al- Shabaab aljazeera Dollow district drought English

Scientists Develop Drought-Tolerant Maize

Experts warn that climate change is likely to threaten world food supplies as temperature extremes cut harvests of important food crops. ... tags: climate change corn drought Steve Baragona VOAclimate changecorndrought

How to solve global water crisis: Innovation, Green Technology. Water, Utilities, Energy Keynote

11/15/11 How global water shortages will be solved. Drought in Australia, America, Asia, China, Africa, Australia. Crop ... tags: agriculture Change conservation crops dams desalination drought

Next-generation recycling technology - innovation in recycled waste - industry keynote speaker

Part of keynote on the 40 trillion green tech revolution which could transform the future of our planet, with innovations that will provide ... tags: agriculture aluminium cardboard cars conservation copper crops

As a Futurist: Optimist or Pessimist? Personal view of future world - conference keynote speaker

11/15/11 As a Futurist, why I am an optimist about our ability to transform our future world in a positive and sustainable way. ... tags: agriculture Change conservation crops dams desalination drought