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Geezer bandit strikes again in San Diego

An OAP in the US known as 'The Geezer Bandit', who has been linked to a string of bank robberies, has struck again, at a San Diego bank. . ... tags: america bank robber banks california disguise itnnews san diego

World's Best-Disguised Predator Fish?

One of the world's best-camouflaged fishes is also the most venomous. The stonefish hides on the sea bottom, undetectable to its prey that ... tags: ambush blood camouflage disguise eat fish frogfish

How to Fix a Dried Out Thanksgiving Turkey Breast - CHOW Tip

You overcook your Thanksgiving turkey, and the breast meat is all dried out. No problem Roxanne Webber, Senior Features Editor at, ... tags: breast chicken chow chow tip chow tips dinner disguise

Puppy Potato-Head

This cute master of disguise gets ready for Halloween tags: animals costume cute disguise dogs funny Halloween

5. How to be a Successful Action Hero - A Winning Personality

Final episode - crucial elements to becoming a successful action hero... Music 'Honeybee' - Kevin MacLeod tags: action background be clich costume deanleysen disguise

Invention with Brian Forbes - 3D Comedy Series Promo yt3D Gopro

New episodes here on and all over the web. Look for shocking new episode with Brittney Powell next week tags: 3-D 3D brian british brittney powell camera chain