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Sam Harris - Not Being Indoctrinated Into Christianity

Sam Harris demonstrating what it is like to not be indoctrinated into Christianity. tags: atheism atheist Christianity craig Creationism Dawkins debate

YouTube Atheism: Alive and Well

Latumway posted an earlier video stating that the youtube atheist community was dead, and I completely disagree. This is my response. ... tags: alive Atheism atheist bible christ christian christianity

Why did Christians stop killing Jews? - The Atheist Experience #734 (full episode)

The Atheist Experience 734 of November 6, 2011, with Matt Dillahunty and Don Baker. 'Why did Christians stop killing Jews' Don asks why do ... tags: 734 accurate antisemitism Atheist Atheist Experience Cambrian Explosion Catholic

Bogosity Podcast for 11-7-2011 (highlights)

Listen to the podcast RSS feed tags: creation creationism creationist Darwin Debate energy evolution

The Atheist Experience #732 (full episode)

FULL EPISODE The Atheist Experience 732 of October 23, 2011, with Russell Glasser and Jen Peeples. Russell, Jen, and a young earth ... tags: 732 atheism Atheist Atheist Experience belief Bibl Christ

Rehashing Creationist Arguments - The Atheist Experience #732

Sam from Pine Island, Minnesota brings up several old arguments for young-earth creationism. many of which have already been debunked in ... tags: 732 atheism Atheist Atheist Experience belief carbon Christ

Mr. Deity and the Naughty Bits

The Deity crew finally find an intelligent life form to populate their universe. tags: atheism bits creationism Deity doubt genitalia God

Richard Dawkins: 'Somebody as intelligent as Jesus would have been an atheist'

In the latest in John Harris's National Conversations series of interviews, Richard Dawkins is invited to defend his atheism. What about ... tags: Christianity Creationism Darwin Debate Discussion Ethics Evolution

Jim Cantelon with Dr. Jim Mason 2/2

Jim went on location to Muskoka Bible Conference Centre in August, 2011 and spoke to Dr. Jim Mason about creation, religion science. ... tags: 100HS creationism gospel HS8965-04 huntley praise religion

Jim Cantelon with Dr. Jim Mason 1/2

Dr. Jim Mason Ph.D in experimental Nuclear Physics Jim Cantelon visited Muskoka Bible Conference Centre in August, 2011 and spoke to Dr. ... tags: 100HS creationism darwinism HS8965-03 jim mason neurons

Some Thoughts on Richard Dawkins Recent Refusal to Debate William Lane Craig

STOP PRESS Brand new article out in The Guardian 22nd October 2011 by atheist Daniel Came criticizing Dawkins recent refusal to debate ... tags: belief Bible craig Creationism Darwin Dawkins Debate