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Newt Gingrich - Counterfeit Conservative

RINO - Republican In Name Only. Follow Ron's campaign at tags: Barack campaign change climate Congress Conservative Counterfeit

Li Anne: Fake Apple products in China

09/02/11 In the wake of the fake Apple stores found in China, Li Anne illustrates to you the details of what Apple discovered about the ... tags: animation anne china counterfeit crack down factories

China awash with counterfeit vintage wine

Long known for its fake designer handbags, China is now battling a flood of counterfeit vintage wine amid a growing zest for bottles from ... tags: CHINA COUNTERFEIT FRANCE WINECHINACOUNTERFEITFRANCE

Fake Apple Store Found in China

LinkAsia July 29, 2011 Next Media pokes fun at China's counterfeiters by highlighting the discovery of a fake Apple Store in ... tags: Apple Bloggers China Counterfeit Fake Store Kunming Link Asia

Miss Oprah Winfrey! Come DOWN from your IVORY TOWER and MINGLE with the plain people like ME!

Oprah Winfrey, COME ON DOWNNo, this AIN'T the fucking PRICE IS RIGHTThis is LIFE HERE on PLANET FUCKING EARTH, goddammit tags: Chicago counterfeit Cruise Doctor Dr. ellen gain