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Future of Food: Feeding 7 Billion

RT presents Technology Update. With the world population now topping 7 billion, how we'll feed our swelling numbers is of vital importance. ... tags: alexander nesmeyanov artificial food brandon rice chemistry consumerism developed world farm workforce

Nadine the Digital Nomad

A video about materialistic objects, my attempt at minimalism and living the digital nomadic lifestyle. ADD ME ... tags: 07 away being clutter consumerism giving how

The Black Friday Song

11/25/11 - the original version of the most important Black Friday song, ever. Happy shopping, drones tags: consumerism gawker holiday season mainstream media midnight shopping mall theresident

Volker Schlöndorff. Death of a Salesman. 2011

11/12/11 Volker Schlndorff, German filmmaker,lecturing on his film Death of a Salesman 1985. In this lecture Volker Schlndorff discusses ... tags: American Arthur consumerism Death dream Dustin EGS

Black Entertainment Industry Selling Power, Prestige, Slavery

11/17/11 G4T talks with DJDice in South Coast Plaza about consumer slavery and black culture in America Hey Thanks for checking out ... tags: awake class warfare confidence consumerism costa mesa ego galleria

Subsource - On My Video

In a consumerist era, the corporations will rule.Not everything that has worth has value and vice versa.Download this single for free ... tags: consumerism excessive my on single subsourceconsumerism

G4T Finding it Increasingly Difficult To "Fit Back In" to Society

11/09/11 Hey Thanks for checking out Survive And Thrive TV I started this channel as a way to talk with other people going through ... tags: alen alex Alex Jones (radio Host) biking bob capitalism celente

"Christmas Is Not Your Birthday" book trailer

Every year, we say we're going to cut back, simplify, and have a family Christmas that focuses on the real reason for the seasonJesus. But ... tags: Abingdon Black Friday Books Christian Christmas Consumerism Ginghamsburg

The Impossible Hamster

What the impossible hamster has to teach us about economic growth. A new animation from nef the new economics foundation, scripted by ... tags: capitalism consumerism cute pets direct action economic growth economics environmental limits

Surplus - Terrorized into Being Consumers (1of10)

In case there's still someone out there who hasn't seen this yet. With subtitles in English. tags: anarchism anarchy berlusconi castro consumerism cuba g8

Sylvère Lotringer. Symbolic Value. 2011

www.egs.eduSylvre Lotringer, literary critic and cultural theorist talking about Jean Baudrillard's 'The System of Objects,' Karl Marx, and ... tags: 68 alienation Baudrillard consumerism consumption EGS European