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Do I Get to Keep My Tax Refund If I File Bankruptcy?

11/13/11 The answer is it really depends. Most people can keep at least a portion of their tax refund but it really depends ... tags: bankruptcy Chapter 13 Chapter 7 Credit debt Duncan Law

Who is the Bankruptcy Administrator?

10/18/11 The bankruptcy administrator is the office that reviews the debtor's bankruptcy petition to make sure they are ... tags: Chapter 13 Chapter 7 creditors meeting debt Means Test yt3d:metadata=userbankruptcy administrator

Can I Pay Family or Friends Back Before Bankruptcy?

10/18/11 No If you are planning on filing bankruptcy do not try to pay your family or friends back before filing. That will ... tags: attorneys Chapter 13 Chapter 7 debt Duncan family friends

Do I Have to Pay Taxes On Debts Wiped Out in Bankruptcy?

09/29/11 If you file bankruptcy you are not responsible for debts that are wiped out in bankruptcy. If you do not file ... tags: Chapter 13 Chapter 7 Charlotte debts Greensboro tax taxes

What's Better On Credit Report, Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

09/29/11 We get asked this question all the time. I'm sure some attorneys will probably give you a different answer but we ... tags: Chapter 13 Chapter 7 credit report credit score debt financing rebuild credit

Can I Amend Or Change My Bankruptcy After Filing?

08/03/11 After filing a bankruptcy you can amend the bankruptcy up until it has been discharged. Once a discharge and final ... tags: amend bankruptcy amendment Chapter 13 Chapter 7 Charlotte file for bankruptcy Greensboro